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Robert X. Cringely

Data de nascimento: 1953


Robert X. Cringely - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

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„More proof that trusting the Feds to protect our information is like hiring Homer Simpson to guard the donuts.“

—  Robert X. Cringely
Discussing U.S. government personal data mining at the same time its agencies are losing "hundreds of laptops" with sensitive data The biggest rubes, boobs, and noobs of 2006, Notes from the Field, InfoWorld, December 15, 2006, 2006-12-15,

„What you have to watch out for are the theories that claim to be infallible. Because the only way their believers can win is to stomp out everyone who disagrees with them.“

—  Robert X. Cringely
[September 12, 2008,, When Worlds (and Particles) Collide, Notes from the Field, InfoWorld, 2009-08-06]

„If you ask someone whether our Constitutional rights are being flushed down the porcelain oubliette, and their response is, "If I answer that honestly they'll arrest me," then you already have your answer.“

—  Robert X. Cringely
Discussing Ladar Levison's statement that he couldn't legally explain why he had to shut down secure-email system Lavabit or "become complicit in crimes against the American people" [August 9, 2013,, Personal email and private clouds fall in war on privacy, Notes from the Field, InfoWorld, 2013-08-12]

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