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Richard Strauss

Data de nascimento: 11. Junho 1864
Data de falecimento: 8. Setembro 1949

Richard Georg Strauss foi um compositor e maestro alemão. É considerado como um dos mais destacados representantes da música entre o final da Era Romântica e a primeira metade do século XX.

É conhecido por suas óperas, sobretudo Der Rosenkavalier e Salomé; por suas lieder, especialmente Quatro Últimas Canções ; por seus poemas sinfônicos, como Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Also sprach Zarathustra, Morte e Transfiguração , Uma Sinfonia Alpina e grandes obras orquestrais, como Metamorphosen, geralmente interpretada como uma meditação sobre a bestialidade da guerra - diante da Alemanha devastada pela guerra, da destruição de Munique e de lugares muito caros ao compositor, como a Ópera da sua cidade, onde ele atuara como principal maestro, entre 1894 e 1896.

Strauss se notabilizou como maestro na Alemanha e na Áustria. Com Gustav Mahler, é um dos principais representantes do Romantismo alemão tardio, depois de Richard Wagner.

Citações Richard Strauss

„Posso não ser um compositor de primeira classe. Mas sou um compositor de segunda classe de primeira.“

—  Richard Strauss

Assim se autodefiniu Richard Strauss
Fonte: 18º Volume dos CDs da Coleção FOLHA de Música Clássica

„Please start from the Bruch violin concerto again!“

—  Richard Strauss

Whilst rehearsing the Alpine Symphony, referring to the theme in which he quotes and extends the theme from the slow movement of the violin concerto by Max Bruch. The quote is reported in Kurt Wilhelm, Richard Strauss - an intimate portrait. Thames and Hudson, London, 1989, page 40. The theme's major appearence is in C major just after rehearsal mark 80 ("At the summit"), played by horns in unison:
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„Strauss told me about his new ballet, which he wrote in the summer. It’s called ‘Schlagobers’ (whipped cream) and he said, jokingly: ‘Oh yes, when one gets old one has ideas like that.“

—  Richard Strauss

In America with Richard Strauss. Elisabeth Schumann’s Travel Diary (14th October to 31st December 1921). Elisabeth Schumann was a soprano who worked with Strauss in the 1920s and 1930s. He dedicated his Brentano Lieder to her.
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„:10. If you follow these rules carefully you will, with your fine gifts and great accomplishments, always be the darling of your listeners.“

—  Richard Strauss

page38. Originally published 1922.
Rule 4 is often misquoted as: Never look at the Trombones, you'll only encourage them.
Recollections and Reflections

„I ask myself why I have actually survived once more and been called back to life.“

—  Richard Strauss

In late fall of 1948, Willi Schuh visited Strauss after an operation at a Clinic in Lausanne. This was a comment made by Strauss. From It will be alright on the night: Richard Streauss through quotes and anecdotes. Ed Alexander Witeschnick, Neff Press, Vienna (1983), page 187.
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„More like a sacrilege du printemps.“

—  Richard Strauss

The first quote was made to Stravinsky after he had shown Strauss some of his works in Paris, 1914. The second quote an overheard joke of Strauss later reported to Stravinsky. Found in Kurt Wilhelm, Richard Strauss - an intimate portrait. Thames and Hudson, London, 1898. (Translated from original 1984 German edition by Mary Whittard), page 142.
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„I hope, most revered Maestro, that these metronome markings, in my opinion wholly unneeded by you, are specific enough. Where they do not fit with your conception, I implore you urgently just to ignore them.“

—  Richard Strauss

Letter to Hans Von Bulow, 15th January 1890, in Schuh and Trenner, Hans von Bulow and Richard Strauss: Correspondence, in English Boosey and Hawkes 1955. Von Bulow had asked for metronome markings from Strauss for Don Juan. [Italics Strauss]
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„Man (in B major) asks: When? When? Nature, (in C Major) answers from the depths Never, never, never will the weather improve.“

—  Richard Strauss

Whilst composing Also Sprach Zarthustra, Strauss made this joke about the Bavaria weather to his friend, the conductor Max von Schillings. Quoted in Kurt Wilhelm, Richard Strauss - an intimate portrait, page 73.
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„My wife, my child, my music, Nature and the sun; they are my happiness.“

—  Richard Strauss

written on the sketches for his Domestic Symphony. Charles Youmans, Mahler and Strauss in Dialogue, Indiana University press (2016), found on page 60.
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„In my opinion, Gustav Mahler's work is one of the most important and interesting products in the history of modern creative arts.“

—  Richard Strauss

Gustav Mahler, page 78. Originally written for a volume dedicated to Mahler edited by Paul Stephan, Munich 1910.
Recollections and Reflections

„It is clear to me that the German nation will achieve new creative energy only by liberating itself from Christianity“

—  Richard Strauss

Diary entry, shortly after the death of Gustav Mahler (1911). Quoted in Oxford University Press, Grove music online: Strauss, Richard, §7: Instrumental works (written by Bryan Gilliam and Charles Youmans).
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„Long live the politico-satrical-parodistic opera!“

—  Richard Strauss

Letter to Hugo von Hoffmannsthal, 5 June 1916. They had been discussing the new first act of Ariadne auf Naxos. A Working Friendhip: The correspondence between Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hoffmanstahl, Vienna House, New York (1961). Page 251.
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