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Rex Stout

Data de nascimento: 1. Dezembro 1886
Data de falecimento: 27. Outubro 1975
Outros nomes: 雷克斯·史陶德, Ռեքս Ստաուտ, رکس استوت


Rex Stout, de seu nome completo Rex Todhunter Stout, foi um escritor norte-americano, especialmente conhecido por ter criado a personagem do detective privado Nero Wolfe.

Citações Rex Stout


„The only thing I want is something I can't have; and that is to know if, 100 years from now, people will still buy my books.“

—  Rex Stout
Rex Stout, who published two titles — The Nero Wolfe Cookbook and Please Pass the Guilt — in his 86th year


„There are various ways to call a man a liar. One way is just to scream it at him, which doesn't prove anything. Another is to establish facts by long and patient investigation. Still another way is not to call him a liar at all — let him do it himself.“

—  Rex Stout
On his work on Our Secret Weapon, as quoted in "Mystery Story Writer Turns Detective, Finding Axis Lies; Rex Stout, Creator of Nero Wolfe, Using Our Secret Weapon — Truth"<!-- a Wide World News Service report --> by Trudi McCullough in The Milwaukee Journal (30 September 1942),6165010

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