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Raymond Loewy

Data de nascimento: 5. Novembro 1893
Data de falecimento: 14. Julho 1986


Raymond Loewy foi um dos mais conhecidos designers industriais do século XX. Nascido em França, passou a maior parte de sua carreira nos Estados Unidos, onde foi influenciado pelos aspectos da vida americana.

Loewy casou-se com Jean Thomyson em 1931; o casamento durou até 1945, quando se divorciaram. Ele tornou-se cidadão americano em 1938. Casou-se novamente em 1948 com Viola Erickson.

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Citações Raymond Loewy

„I believe one should design for the advantage of the largest mass of people, first and always. That takes care of ideologies and sociologies.“

—  Raymond Loewy
Raymond Loewy, cited in: William Marling (1998) The American Roman Noir: Hammett, Cain, and Chandler. p. 279


„Industrial design keeps the customer happy, his client in the black and the designer busy.“

—  Raymond Loewy
Raymond Loewy (ca. 1949); Cited in: Paul Greenhalgh (1993) Quotations and Sources on Design and the Decorative Arts. p. 117

„A lot of people are open to new things, as long as they look like the old ones.“

—  Raymond Loewy
Raymond Loewy (1951); As cited in: Angèle H. Reinders et al. The Power of Design. p. 93

„Is it responsible to camouflage one of America's most remarkable machines as a piece of gaudy merchandise? Form, which should be the clean- cut expression of mechanical excellence has become sensuous and organic.“

—  Raymond Loewy
Raymond Loewy 1950s, cited in: Karal Ann Marling, ‎Donald J. Bush, ‎Walker Art Center (1989) Autoeroticism. p. 16 Loewy commented on the new generation automobiles, after having designed the Studebaker of 1953, which according to Loewy looked like "jukeboxes on wheels."

„Design is too important to be left to designers.“

—  Raymond Loewy
Attributed to Raymond Loewy in: Adam Richardson (2010) Innovation X, p. 184

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