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Rajiv Gandhi

Data de nascimento: 20. Agosto 1944
Data de falecimento: 21. Maio 1991


Rajiv Gandhi foi primeiro-ministro da Índia entre 1984 e 1989 e líder do Partido do Congresso Nacional Indiano. Filho mais velho de Indira Gandhi, a quem sucedeu no governo indiano após seu assassinato por seus guarda-costas siques. Rajiv, por sua vez, tal como a mãe, foi assassinado, só que por extremistas tâmeis, durante a campanha eleitoral de 1991.

Rajiv, antes de entrar na política, era piloto de aviões comerciais. Era casado com a italiana Sonia Gandhi, que o sucedeu como líder do Partido do Congresso da Índia, com quem teve dois filhos.

Citações Rajiv Gandhi

„When a big tree falls, the earth shakes.“

—  Rajiv Gandhi
Quote, Rajiv Gandhi, commenting on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots following the murder of Indira Gandhi, quoted in Hindustan Times Source: 1984 anti-Sikh riots 'wrong', says Rahul Gandhi, Hindustan Times, 18 November 2008, 5 May 2012, yes,, 12 October 2013,


„India is an old country, but a young nation; and like the young everywhere we are impatient. I am young, and I too have a dream. I dream of an India strong, independent and self-reliant and in the front rank of the nations of the world in the service of mankind.“

—  Rajiv Gandhi
Quote, On his vision of India, in his address to the Joint meeting of the US Congress in Washington on 13 June 1985, in Emotional Impact: Passionate Leaders and Corporate Transformation (8 November 2000), p. 97

„Better a brain drain than a brain in the drain.“

—  Rajiv Gandhi
Quote, Quoted in: Kishore Mahbubani, The New Asian Hemisphere: The Irresistible Shift of Global Power to the East, 2010, p. 70, and in: Mark L. Clifford, Janet Pau, Through the Eyes of Tiger Cubs: Views of Asia's Next Generation, 2012 p. 29 When asked in an interview (date unknown) whether he did not regret the fact that so many intelligent Indians left their home country to go studying in the US.

„The late Indira Gandhi always used to warn about the dangers that the country was facing. She used to keep saying that the country was going through a very dangerous time. This danger is now many times more than what it was at that time. We should all be cautious now.“

—  Rajiv Gandhi
Quote, In his address to the party workers on 12 November 1984 to spoil the machinations of terrorist, when he was elected to the post of the President of the Congress party. Quoted by Meena Agrawal in “Rajiv Gandhi” P.74

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