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Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch

Data de nascimento: 3. Março 1895
Data de falecimento: 31. Janeiro 1973


Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch foi um economista norueguês.

Foi co-laureado, juntamente com Jan Tinbergen, com o Prémio de Ciências Económicas em Memória de Alfred Nobel em 1969, o primeiro Prémio Nobel em tal categoria.Formou-se em economia e doutorou-se em 1925 pela Universidade de Oslo. Para aprofundar os seus conhecimentos nos domínios da Economia e Matemática viajou por países como a França, Alemanha, Inglaterra, EUA e Itália. Foi Professor na Universidade de Oslo, director do Economic Institute, departamento dessa mesma universidade, e director da revista Econometrica. Em 1930, como professor visitante na Universidade de Yale, fundou a Econometric Society. Frisch foi um pioneiro em econometria, ramo da ciência económica que consiste no emprego de fórmulas matemáticas para analisar quantitativamente os fenómenos. Em 1969 partilhou com Jan Tinbergen, o primeiro Prémio Nobel da Economia a ser atribuído, pelo desenvolvimento e aplicação de modelos dinâmicos na análise dos processos económicos.

Durante a ocupação da Noruega pela Alemanha nazista Frisch foi preso em campo de concentração Bredtveit de 17 de Outubro de 1943, em seguida, no campo de concentração de Berg em 22 de Novembro de 1943, e então no campo de concentração de Grini em 09 de dezembro de 1943 a 8 de Outubro de 1944.Frisch foi um dos fundadores da economia como uma ciência moderna. Ele fez uma série de avanços significativos no campo da economia e cunhou uma série de novas palavras, incluindo econometria e macroeconomia.

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Citações Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch

„Frequently we even go so far as to assume linear relationships. Only in this way have we been able to feed our problems into the electronic computers and get mechanical answers quickly and at low cost.“

—  Ragnar Frisch
Context: In this feverish world of ours, where one wants the economic analyses to produce easily understandable results quickly and at the least possible cost, some of us have fallen into the habit of assuming for simplicity that the hundreds sometimes thousands of variables that enter into the analyses are linked together by very simple relationships. Frequently we even go so far as to assume linear relationships. Only in this way have we been able to feed our problems into the electronic computers and get mechanical answers quickly and at low cost. R. Frisch (1964), Theory of Production, p. v: Lead paragraph of preface


„At present the national budget plays a very large role in the whole financial policy of our country.“

—  Ragnar Frisch
Frisch, (1947); Quoted in: Steinar Strøm (1998) Econometrics and Economic Theory in the 20th Century. p. 542


„In the last decade's intensive study of all sorts of social and economic time series, it has become clear, it seems to me, that the usual time series technique is not quite adequate for the purpose which the social investigator is pursuing... We want to find out on more or less empirical grounds what is actually present in the series at hand, that is to say, what sort of components the series contains.“

—  Ragnar Frisch
Ragnar Frisch, " A method of decomposing an empirical series into its cyclical and progressive components" Journal of the American Statistical Association 26.173A (1931): 73-78.

„It is the unification of all three that is powerful. And it is this unification that constitutes econometrics.“

—  Ragnar Frisch
Context: Econometrics is by no means the same as economic statistics. Nor is it identical with what we call general economic theory, although a considerable portion of this theory has a definitely quantitative character. Nor should econometrics be taken as synonymous with the application of mathematics to economics. Experience has shown that each of these three view-points, that of statistics, economic theory, and mathematics, is a necessary, but not by itself a sufficient, condition for a real understanding of the quantitative relations in modern economic life. It is the unification of all three that is powerful. And it is this unification that constitutes econometrics. Ragnar Frisch in the first issue of Econometrica in 1933; Quoted in: United States. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Library (1941) Agricultural economics literature, p. 705


„Two important features in the modern development of economics are the application of mathematics to abstract economic reasoning... and the attempt at placing economics on a numerical and experimental basis by an intensive study of economic statistics.
Both these developments have a common characteristic: they emphasize the quantitative character of economics. This quantitative movement in our estimation is one of the most promising developments in modern economics. We also consider it important that the two aspects of the quantitative method referred to should be furthered, developed, and studied jointly as two integrating parts of economics.
We therefore venture to propose the establishment of an international periodical devoted to the advancement of the quantitative study of economic phenomena, and especially to the development of a closer relation between pure economics and economic statistics.
We believe that the scope of the new journal would be happily suggested if it is called "Oekonometrika". Accordingly, the quantitative study of economic phenomena here considered may be termed econometrics.“

—  Ragnar Frisch
Frisch (1927) as quoted in Divisia 1953, pp.24-25; Cited in: Bjerkholt, Olav. " Ragnar Frisch and the foundation of the Econometric Society and Econometrica" ECONOMETRIC SOCIETY MONOGRAPHS 31 (1998): 26-57. Lead paragraph of a memorandum on the importance of establishing the journal "Oekonometrika"


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