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R. H. Tawney

Data de nascimento: 30. Novembro 1880
Data de falecimento: 16. Janeiro 1962


Richard Henry "R. H." Tawney foi um historiador econômico, crítico social, e socialista cristão inglês. e um proponente importante da educação de adultos. O The Oxford Companion to English Literature cita que Tawney teve um "impacto significativo" em todos esses papéis inter-relacionados".

Citações R. H. Tawney

„The organization of education on lines of class“

—  R. H. Tawney
Context: The organization of education on lines of class, which, though qualified in the last twenty years, has characterized the English system of public education since its very inception, has been at once a symptom, an effect, and a cause of the control of the lives of the mass of men and women by a privileged minority. The very assumption on which it is based, that all that the child of the workers needs is "elementary education" — as though the mass of the people, like anthropoid apes, had fewer convolutions in their brains than the rich — is in itself a piece of insolence.

„They would very strongly advise“

—  R. H. Tawney
Context: They would very strongly advise that in selecting children for higher education care should be taken to avoid creating, as was done, for example, in India, a large class of persons whose education is unsuitable for the employment they eventually enter.


„The primary school is like the rope which the Indian juggler throws into the air to end in vacancy“

—  R. H. Tawney
Context: The primary school is like the rope which the Indian juggler throws into the air to end in vacancy; that while in the United States some twenty-eight per cent, of the children entering the primary schools pass to high schools, in England the percentage passing from elementary to secondary schools is less than ten.

„Apart from the children of the well-to-do“

—  R. H. Tawney
Context: Apart from the children of the well-to-do, who receive secondary education almost as a matter of course, and whose parents appear usually, though quite mistakenly, to believe that they pay the whole cost of it, secondary education is still commonly regarded as a "privilege" to be conceded only to the exceptionally brilliant or fortunate.

„It is still possible for the largest education authority in the country to propose“

—  R. H. Tawney
Context: It is still possible for the largest education authority in the country to propose to erect inequality of educational opportunity into a principle of public policy by solemnly suggesting, with much parade of philosophical arguments, that the interests of the community require that the children of well-to-do parents, who pay fees, should be admitted to public secondary schools on easier intellectual terms than the children of poor parents who can enter them only with free places, and that the children who are so contemptible as to be unable to afford secondary education without assistance in the form of maintenance allowances shall not be admitted unless they reach a higher intellectual standard still!

„Those who have hitherto governed“

—  R. H. Tawney
Context: Those who have hitherto governed the nation, believing, and believing with justice, that ignorance and docility go hand in hand, have taken care to ration the education of the workers in doses small enough to be innocuous to the established order.

„Freedom for the pike is death for the minnow.“

—  R. H. Tawney
in Equality (1931) sometimes cited as an English proverb, sometimes also attributed to Isaiah Berlin


„An erring colleague is not an Amalkite to be smitten hip and thigh.“

—  R. H. Tawney
"The Rise of the Gentry: A Postscript," The Economic History Review, Vol. 7, No. 1 (1954)

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