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Quinto énio

Data de nascimento: 16. Julho 239 a.C.
Data de falecimento: 8. Outubro 169 a.C.


Quinto Ênio ou Quinto Énio dramaturgo e poeta épico romano.

Citações Quinto énio

„He who has conquered is not conqueror
Unless the conquered one confesses it.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Marcus Servius Honoratus in In Vergilii carmina comentarii (Commentaries on the poems of Virgil), Book XI []

„A sure friend is known in unsure times.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Cicero in De Amicitia, Chapter XVII


„There is no fellowship inviolate,
no faith is kept, when kingship is concerned.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Cicero in De Officiis Book I, Chapter VIII - translation by Walter Miller Variant translation: To kingship belongs neither sacred fellowship nor faith.

„Neither you nor any man alive shall do this unpunished: no, you shall give recompense to me with your life-blood.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Macrobius in Saturnalia; Book VI, Chapter I Compare: Tu tamen interea calido mihi sanguine poenas persolves amborum, Virgil, Aeneid, Book IX, line 422


„No one regards what is before his feet; we all gaze at the stars.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Cicero in De Divinatione, Book II, Chapter XIII

„No sooner said than done—so acts your man of worth.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Priscianus in Ars Prisciani, Book VI


„Whom none could overcome with iron or gold.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Cicero in De Re Publica, Book III, Chapter IV Note: Iron is a metonym for sword/warfare, and gold for money/bribery.

„Open your eyelids, will you all, and let your brains leave sleep behind.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Festus, in De verborum significatione (Loeb translation)

„The mind wanders unsure, except in that life is lived.“

—  Ennius
As quoted by Aulus Gellius in Noctes Atticae (Attic Nights), Book XIX, Chapter X

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