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Piet Mondrian

Data de nascimento: 7. Março 1872
Data de falecimento: 1. Fevereiro 1944


Pieter Cornelis Mondrian, geralmente conhecido por Piet Mondrian foi um pintor neerlandês modernista. Criou o movimento artístico neoplasticismo e colaborou com a revista De Stijl e depois com as formas da pintura concreta.

Citações Piet Mondrian


„Vertical and horizontal lines are the expression of two opposing forces; they exist everywhere and dominate everything; their reciprocal action constitutes 'life'. I recognized that the equilibrium of any particular aspect of nature rests on the equivalence of its opposites.“

— Piet Mondrian
Quote in 'Plastic Art and Pure Plastic Art', Piet Mondrian (1937), in 'Documents of modern Art', for Wittenborn, New York 1945, p. 13; as quoted in Abstract Expressionist Painting in America, W.C, Seitz, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1983, p. 55


„The abstract human mind will have to receive the intended impression by its own means. I always confine myself to expressing the universal, that is, the eternal (closest to the spirit) and I do so in the simplest of external forms, in order to be able to express the inner meaning as lightly veiled as possible.“

— Piet Mondrian
Quote of Mondrian in his letter to Theo van Doesburg, 1915; as cited in the 'Stijl' catalogue, 1951, p. 71; quoted in [ De Stijl 1917-1931 - The Dutch Contribution to Modern Art, by H.L.C. Jaffé]; J.M. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam 1956, p. 6

„Well, I think my paintings are fast enough already...“

— Piet Mondrian
Quote of Mondrian, 1930 reacting on Alexander Calder, as cited by by Mondrian's recent biographer Hans Janssen, of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague; as cited by Alastair Sooke, in 'Mondrian - the Joy of Being Square'; [ BBC culture, 10 July 2017] In 1930, the American sculptor Alexander Calder, (inventor of the mobile / moving sculpture) visited Mondrian in his studio in Paris. Calder said 'Maybe you should take all these red, yellow and blue elements off the canvas and let them hang in the air, so they can move'.

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