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Philippe Kahn

Data de nascimento: 16. Março 1952

Philippe Kahn é um engenheiro de software e empresário do ramo de tecnologias inovadoras, é creditado como a primeira pessoa a desenvolver câmera fotográfica em um aparelho de telefonia móvel, além de compartilhar essa foto instantaneamente em uma rede social. Transmitiu pela primeira vez na história uma imagem de um dispositivo móvel para a internet, na ocasião, o nascimento de sua filha em 11 de junho de 1997. Kahn também foi o pioneiro em tecnologia IP renováveis. Kahn fundou quatro empresas de software: a Fullpower Technologies, em 2003, a LightSurf Technologies em 1998 , a Starfish Software em 1994 , e a Borland, fundada em 1982 . Kahn é o detentor de diversas patentes de tecnologia que cobrem, óculos, smartphone, celular, transferências de dados sem fio, sincronização e tecnologias médicas sem fio.

Citações Philippe Kahn

„I'd gone to the Lamaze classes, and the second time I said, 'Breathe!' Sonia said, 'Shut up!' So I said, 'OK, I'll sit at this desk and find something to do.“

—  Philippe Kahn

USA Today interview January 2007, regarding the birth of the camera phone

„Invention is the root of innovation. Innovation is the major force for change in the future.“

—  Philippe Kahn

Comments made in the Q and A part of a speech at the Silicon Valley computer museum in 2005 regarding the energy spent in Silicon Valley at managing perception as opposed to creating new technology. In response to a question about the power of venture capital and consumer marketing and how it is determining the future of technology.

„We fight for programmer's right!“

—  Philippe Kahn

Regarding the Lotus litigation that Kahn won in the Supreme Court. Lotus maintained that the orders of the words in a menu were copyrightable and not just functional. For example "Cut, Copy, Paste" could be copyrighted. Kahn's point was that if it was so, soon all software development and innovation would cease.

„We are less than a decade away from the medical lab the size of a sugar cube.“

—  Philippe Kahn

Founding speech for Fullpower, 2003, focusing in particular on the power of MEMS and Nanotechnology and its applications to life sciences.

„Camera-Phones are at the root of the Citizen-Journalism revolution.“

—  Philippe Kahn

NPR Interview January 2007, regarding the use of camera phones in citizen-journalism

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„If a sleep monitor has electrodes and wires that look like something from Frankenstein's lab, you might not wear it consistently, and the information it gathers and reports may be compromised.“

—  Philippe Kahn

Scientific American June 18th, 2013, regarding the need for noninvasive wearable devices

„Accelerometrics is a cool new discipline. Newton and Galileo would love it.“

—  Philippe Kahn

MarketWire Press Release, July 2008

„I build things that I think are exciting from a technology standpoint and will help make life easier, simpler and better for people.“

—  Philippe Kahn

Investor's Business Daily March 2007, regarding technology and the future

„Too many are focused on rewriting the past, invent the future!“

—  Philippe Kahn

Comments made in a speech at the computer museum regarding the energy spent in Silicon Valley at managing perception as opposed to creating new technology.

„We were trying to monitor the sailboat, trying to help us keep it upright and optimized, and it turned out that sailing became an incredible practical laboratory.“

—  Philippe Kahn Wired July 12th, 2013, on how his passion for sailing inspired the creation of some MotionX sensors].

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