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Petrus Jacobus Joubert

Data de nascimento: 20. Janeiro 1834
Data de falecimento: 28. Março 1900


Petrus Jacobus Joubert - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

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„Why were the people not shot dead when they arrived at the first laager?“

— Piet Joubert
The Last Boer War, H. Rider Haggard, p. 237 Vicinity of Lang’s Nek, February 1881. From a statement made in Newcastle by the hottentot driver, Allan Smith, who quoted a certain Viljoen, who would have quoted Joubert. Haggard and Fitzpatrick used his statement to implicate Joubert in the murder of Dr. Barber and wounding of Mr. Walter Dyas, who arrived without prior arrangement in a boer camp during the First Boer War.

„They [the field cornets] should have seen to it that the bible be used in schools, as the law prescribes.“

— Piet Joubert
Thomas Francois Burgers, MS Appelgryn, 1979, p. 62 :In 1874, in reply to a controversy which arose due to remaining influence of the state church (Hervormde Kerk) in ZAR schools, which for the first time were not state controlled

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