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Perry Anderson

Data de nascimento: 11. Setembro 1938


Francis Rory Peregrine Anderson é um historiador e ensaísta político marxista inglês, professor de História e Sociologia na UCLA e editor da New Left Review. É irmão do historiador Benedict Anderson.

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„The most advanced socialist thought in England is Raymond Williams’ superbly intricate and persuasive work… Any English Marxism will have to measure itself against this landmark in our social thought.“

—  Perry Anderson
Perry Anderson, " Socialism and pseudo-empiricism" New Left Review 35 (1966): 2-42; as cited in: Blackledge, Paul. Perry Anderson, Marxism and the New Left. Merlin Press, 2004. p. 91.

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„The greater pleasures of reading the LRB are thus paid for in a more erratic and limited horizon.“

—  Perry Anderson
Spectrum: From Right to Left in the World of Ideas (2005), Debts 1. "The London Review of Books" (1996; 2005)

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