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Paul Celan

Data de nascimento: 23. Novembro 1920
Data de falecimento: 20. Abril 1970


Paul Celan , pseudônimo de Paul Pessakh Antschel ou Paul Pessakh Ancel foi um poeta, tradutor e ensaísta romeno radicado na França.

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„Aspen tree, your leaves glance white into the dark.“

— Paul Celan
"Aspen Tree. . ."; cited in: Ruth Golan (2006). Loving Psychoanalysis. p. 61

„You opened your eyes -I saw my darkness live. I see through it down to the bed; there too it is mine and lives.“

— Paul Celan
"From Darkness to Darkness," in: Donald Wesling, ‎Tadeusz Sławek (1995). Literary Voice: The Calling of Jonah. p. 54

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