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Nicolau de Cusa

Data de nascimento: 1401
Data de falecimento: 11. Agosto 1464

Nicolau de Cusa ou Nicolau Krebs ou Chrypffs foi um cardeal da Igreja Católica Romana, um dos primeiros Filósofos do humanismo renascentista, e autor de inúmeras obras, sendo a principal delas Da Douta Ignorância, publicada em 1440.

Como filósofo Nicolau ficou conhecido por idéias que absorvera tanto da literatura antiga quanto medieval, como por exemplo o neoplatonismo e o neoplatonismo cristão. Seus pensamentos giravam em torno do conceito de cooperação: o objectivo de alcançar a mais ampla unidade possível, segundo ele seria o meio para a humanidade se chegar a um sentido mais elevado. Também defendia que os efeitos da mentalidade presente desenvolveriam algo em comum para um consenso de tolerância religiosa.

Citações Nicolau de Cusa

„The universe has no circumference“

—  Nicholas of Cusa

Contexto: The universe has no circumference, for if it had a center and a circumference there would be some and some thing beyond the world, suppositions which are wholly lacking in truth. Since, therefore, it is impossible that the universe should be enclosed within a corporeal center and corporeal boundary, it is not within our power to understand the universe, whose center and circumference are God. And though the universe cannot be infinite, nevertheless it cannot be conceived as finite since there are no limits within which it could be confined.

„In God, absolute unity is absolute multiplicity, absolute identity is absolute diversity“

—  Nicholas of Cusa, livro De Docta Ignorantia

De Docta Ignorantia (On Learned Ignorance) (1440)
Contexto: In God, absolute unity is absolute multiplicity, absolute identity is absolute diversity; absolute actuality is absolute potentiality

„For this reason You have given Your people diverse kings and seers, who are called prophets, of whom the majority instituted cults and laws corresponding to the purpose of their legation in Your name, and thus instructed the uncultivated people.“

—  Nicholas of Cusa

They subsequently accepted these laws, as if You, the King of Kings, had spoken with them face to face, and believed they heard not those men, but rather You in them.
De Pace Fidei (The Peace of Faith) (1453)

„Therefore since all men are free by nature, every government“

—  Nicholas of Cusa, livro De concordantia catholica

De concordantia catholica (The Catholic Concordance) (1434)
Contexto: Therefore since all men are free by nature, every government that restrains its subjects from evils and uses the fear of punishment to orient their freedom towards the good, whether it consists of written laws or of a living law in the person of the prince, is constituted only by the agreement and consent of the subjects. For if by nature men are equally powerful and equally free, then the true and well-ordered authority of one who is a fellow and equal in power can only be established by the choice and consent of others, just as laws are established by consent

„You know how the divine Simplicity enfolds all things.“

—  Nicholas of Cusa

Mind is the image of this enfolding Simplicity. If, then, you called this divine Simplicity infinite Mind, it will be the exemplar of our mind. If you called the divine mind the totality of the truth of things, you will call our mind the totality of the assimilation of things, so that it may be a totality of ideas. In the divine Mind conception is the production of things; in our mind conception is the knowledge of things. If the divine Mind is absolute Being, then its conception is the creation of beings; and conception in the human mind is the assimilation of beings.

„You know, Lord, that a great multitude cannot exist without much diversity“

—  Nicholas of Cusa

De Pace Fidei (The Peace of Faith) (1453)
Contexto: You know, Lord, that a great multitude cannot exist without much diversity and that almost all are compelled to lead a laborious life full of troubles and afflictions, and in servile subjugation must be subject to the kings who rule. Hence it has occurred, that only a few men have enough leisure time to employ the freedom of their will and to gain knowledge of themselves. They are distracted by many corporeal cares and duties. Thus they cannot seek You, who are the concealed God.

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