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Naum Gabo

Data de nascimento: 5. Agosto 1890
Data de falecimento: 23. Agosto 1977

Naum Gabo foi um escultor russo que se destacou no movimento do construtivismo russo e na arte cinética.

Naum Gabo, contribuiu na Agitprop e participou na exposição Documenta 1 em Kassel.

Citações Naum Gabo

„.. adding Space perception to the perception of Masses, emphasizing it and forming it, we enrich the expression of Mass.... through the contrast between them whereby Mass retains its solidity and Space its extension.“

—  Naum Gabo
1936 - 1977, Sculpture: Carving and Construction in Space' (1937), Quoted in: 'Naum Gabo, Construction: Stone with a Collar', by Jacky Klein, Aug. 2002; Tate, London

„We take four planes and we construct with them the same volume as of four tons of mass.“

—  Naum Gabo
1918 - 1935, quote, 1920; from Tate Modern, London: Naum Gabo A method known as 'stereometric construction' was central to Gabo's work, by which form was achieved through the description of space rather than the establishment of mass (Tate Modern)

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„The shapes we are creating are not abstract, they are absolute.“

—  Naum Gabo
1936 - 1977, Circle: International Survey of Constructive Art, 1937, Quote of Naum Gabo (1937) Sculpture and Construction in Space, p. 109

„Either build functional houses and bridges or create pure art or both. Don't confuse one with the other. Such art is not pure constructive art, but merely an imitation of the machine.“

—  Naum Gabo
1918 - 1935, quote, 1919; as cited in: Ruth Latta (1948) Naum Gabo. Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.), p. 18 Here Gabo publicly criticized Tatlin's design for the 'Monument to the Third International' (1919)

„[ Constructivism is] not as a tool or even a specific method, but rather as a perfect union of the coming state and the movement's 'spiritual' aims.“

—  Naum Gabo
1936 - 1977, Circle: International Survey of Constructive Art, 1937, p. 116 as cited in: Melinda Baldwin (2012) " 'A review of Scientific Moderns', by Boris Jardine" in

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