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Nathalie Sarraute

Data de nascimento: 18. Julho 1900
Data de falecimento: 19. Outubro 1999

Nathalie Sarraute, pseudônimo de Natacha Tcherniak foi uma advogada e escritora francesa nascida na Rússia.

Citações Nathalie Sarraute

„A poesia numa obra é o que faz aparecer o invisível.“

„I think it's very painful, and that it's better not to have any doubts. I envy those who don't have any; I envy them a lot. They are happy people.“

„This was what he taught at the Collège de France. And in the entire neighborhood, in all the nearby Faculties, in the literature, law, history and philosophy courses, at the Institute and at the Palais de Justice, in the buses, the métros, in all the government offices, sensible men, normal men, active men, worthy, wholesome, strong men, triumphed.
Avoiding the shops filled with pretty things, the women trotting briskly along, the café waiters, the medical students, the traffic policemen, the clerks from notary offices, Rimbaud or Proust, having been torn from life, cast out from life and deprived of support, were probably wandering aimlessly through the streets, or dozing away, their heads resting on their chests, in some dusty public square.“

„Il paraissait certain, quand on ouvrait la porte et voyait l’escalier, plein d’un calme implacable, impersonnel et sans couleur, un escalier qui ne semblait pas avoir gardé la moindre trace des gens qui l’avaient parcouru, pas le moindre souvenir de leur passage, quand on se mettait derrière la fenêtre de la salle à manger et qu’on regardait les façades des maisons, les boutiques, les vieilles femmes et les petits enfants qui marchaient dans la rue, il paraissait certain qu’il fallait le plus longtemps possible — attendre, demeurer ainsi immobile, ne rien faire, ne pas bouger, que la suprême compréhension, que la véritable intelligence, c’était cela, ne rien entreprendre, remuer le moins possible, ne rien faire.“ Tropismes

„She went from room to room, nosed about in the kitchen, banged furiously on the door of the bathroom which someone was occupying, and she wanted to break in, to manage, to give them a shaking, to ask them if they were going to stay in there for an hour, or remind them that it was late, that they were going to miss the car or the train, it was too late, that they had already missed something because of their carelessness, their negligence, or that their breakfast was ready, that it was cold, that it had been waiting for two hours, that it was stone-cold. . . And it seemed that from her viewpoint there was nothing uglier, more contemptible, more stupid, more hateful, that there was no more obvious sign of inferiority, of weakness, than to let one’s breakfast grow cold, than to come late for breakfast.“ Tropismes

„And they talked and talked, repeating the same things, going over them, then going over them again, from one side then from the other, kneading and kneading them, continually rolling between their fingers this unsatisfactory, mean substance that they had extracted from their lives (what they called “life,” their domain), kneading it, pulling it, rolling it until it ceased to form anything between their fingers but a little pile, a little gray pellet.“ Tropismes

„Un poète n'est pas, comme on le croit, celui qui sait mieux que d'autres regarder la terre et le ciel, écouter le bruit de la mer, le gazouillis des sources et des oiseaux, un poète, vous en serez un, mon petit ami - les pièces sonnent, elle salue bien bas - un poète, on l'a dit et c'est vrai, c'est celui qui sait fabriquer un poème avec des mots.“

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