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Michael Gove

Data de nascimento: 26. Agosto 1967


Michael Andrew Gove é um político britânico do Partido Conservador.Nos anos 2010 e 2014, ele foi ministro da Educação. Em 2015, foi nomeado ministro da Justiça e Lorde Chanceler da Grã-Bretanha.

Citações Michael Gove

„The day after we vote to leave we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want.“

—  Michael Gove
2016, Speech at the Vote Leave offices in London (19 April 2016)

„My view is that whatever happens in the future we will be in a strong position to deal with any crises that occur as a result of leaving the EU.“

—  Michael Gove
2016, Michael Gove calls for 'balanced' migration system on Question Time special BBC News (15 June 2016)


„No-one can be blithe or blase about the real impact on food producers in this country of leaving without a deal.“

—  Michael Gove
2019, Speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, BBC News, 3 January 2019

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„If there are Islamophobes in the Conservative Party - and there are - we should root them out.“

—  Michael Gove
2019, Tory leadership race: Five key moments from debate BBC News (18 June 2019)

„No deal is now a very real prospect.“

—  Michael Gove
2019, No-deal Brexit now 'assumed' by government, says Gove BBC News (28 July 2019)

„I think that there are a number of economic factors in play. Some prices may go up. Other prices will come down.“

—  Michael Gove
2019, Brexit: NI retailers challenge Michael Gove on no-deal food supply BBC News (1 September 2019)

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