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Michael Foot

Data de nascimento: 23. Julho 1913
Data de falecimento: 3. Março 2010
Outros nomes: Michael Mackintosh Foot

Michael Mackintosh Foot foi um político trabalhista e escritor britânico.

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Citações Michael Foot

„I am a Liberal, first of all, because of the unfaltering resistance which liberalism is pledged to offer to those twin dangers of fascism and war.“

—  Michael Foot

'Why I am a Liberal', News Chronicle (4 April 1934), quoted in Kenneth O. Morgan, Michael Foot (Harper Perennial, 2008), p. 30

„It is all the more necessary that we should prevent an extension of the powers of the European Assembly, however it may be elected. I have been opposed to the extension of those powers, and I remain so. … We must preserve every precious part of the power that we retain in the House.“

—  Michael Foot

Speech in the House of Commons (26 June 1986) against the Single European Act

„Some fool or some trigger happy judicial finger.“

—  Michael Foot

On the NIRC Judge Sir John Donaldson (Hansard, 7 May 1974, Col. 239)

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