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Mel Gibson

Data de nascimento: 3. Janeiro 1956


Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson AO , é um ator, diretor de cinema, produtor cinematográfico e roteirista estadunidense naturalizado australiano

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„If you're going to wear three hats, you'd better grow two more heads.“

— Mel Gibson
On his involvement in Braveheart (1995) as actor, director and producer.[]


„Who wants to eat?! Who the fuck wants to eat?! Go have something to eat! Hurrrrraaaaayyyyyy!“

— Mel Gibson
Rant taped by Nick Eszterhas, son of screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, in Costa Rica []

„They take it up the ass. [pointing at his posterior] This is only for taking a shit.“

— Mel Gibson
Discussing homosexuals in an interview with El Pais magazine, December 1991.


„Fucking Jews... Jews are responsible for all wars in the world.“

— Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson, July 28, 2006 on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California after pulled over for speeding and drunk driving. as quoted in [ Gibsons Anti Semitic Tirade Alleged Coverup], TMZ, 7/28/2006.

„Why are they calling her a Nazi? …Because modern secular Judaism wants to blame the holocaust on the Catholic Church. And it's a lie. And it's revisionism. And they've been working on that one for a while.“

— Mel Gibson
(On criticism of Catherine Emmerich, the 19th century Augustinian nun whose visions greatly influenced Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ.) - The New Yorker, September 15 2003

„Hey, I'm for love, not war. How about we have a beer?“

— Mel Gibson
An intoxicated Gibson to the infuriated driver he had just rear ended in Toronto. In 1984 he pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was fined $300 and banned from driving in Canada for 3 months. While in court, he apologized to the people of Toronto and thanked the police. Excerpted from Wensley Clarkson's "Mel Gibson; Living Dangerously," page 175.

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