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Data de nascimento: 28. Maio 1971

Marco Antonio Rubio é um político e advogado estadunidense, e é atualmente o senador júnior pela Flórida pelo Partido Republicano desde 3 de janeiro de 2011. Ele também foi o presidente da Câmara de Representantes da Flórida entre 2007 a 2008. Ele foi eleito para a Câmara da Flórida em 25 de janeiro de 2000, pelo 111º distrito congressional.

De ascendência cubana, Rubio é natural de Miami. Ele graduou-se na Faculdade de Direito da Universidade da Florida . No final dos anos 90, ele serviu como membro da Comissão de Governo Municipal de West Miami e foi eleito para a Câmara de Representantes da Flórida em 2000, representando o 111º distrito.

Mais tarde, em 2002, Rubio foi designado líder da Maioria da Câmara pelo então presidente Johnnie Byrd. Ele foi eleito Presidente da Câmara de Representantes da Flórida em 2005, cargo que ocupou por dois anos. Ao deixar o legislativo da Flórida em 2008, Rubio abriu um escritório de advocacia, e começou a dar aulas na Universidade Internacional da Flórida, onde é professor-adjunto.

Rubio concorreu ao Senado dos Estados Unidos em 2010, e venceu a eleição. No Senado dos EUA, ele preside a Subcomissão de Comércio dos Oceanos, Atmosfera, Pesca, e Guarda Costeira, bem como a Subcomissão de Relações Exteriores do Hemisfério Ocidental, Crimes Transnacionais, Segurança Civil, Democracia, Direitos Humanos e Assuntos Globais das Mulheres. Em 13 de Abril de 2015, Rubio anunciou que ele abriria mão de concorrer à reeleição no Senado para concorrer à presidência. Em 15 de Março de 2016, Rubio suspendeu sua campanha presidencial, após ser derrotado nas eleições primárias da Flórida, seu estado natal.

Citações Marco Rubio

„These terrorists aren't trying to kill us because we offended them. They attack us because they want to impose their view of the world on as many people as they can, and America is standing in their way.“

—  Marco Rubio

Conservative Political Action Committee speech, (19 February 2010)
2010s, 2010
Contexto: These terrorists aren't trying to kill us because we offended them. They attack us because they want to impose their view of the world on as many people as they can, and America is standing in their way. We need to make it unmistakably clear that we will do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. We will punish — we will punish their allies, like Iran — and we will stand with our allies, like Israel.

„I believe that the world is a safer and a better place when the United States is the strongest military power in the world.“

—  Marco Rubio

As quoted in Marco Rubio and Rand Paul Clash (10 November 2015), by FoxNews Insider. Said during 2016 Republican Debate, Milwaukee.
2010s, 2015

„The government can't change the weather. I said that in the speech. We can pass a bunch of laws that will destroy our economy, but it isn't going to change the weather. Because, for example, there are other countries that are polluting in the atmosphere much greater than we are at this point, China, India, all these countries that are still growing. They're not going to stop doing what they're doing. America is a country, it's not a planet. So we can pass a bunch of laws or executive orders that will do nothing to change the climate or the weather but will devastate our economy. Devastate it!“

—  Marco Rubio

Fox & Friends, Fox News, , quoted in * 2013-02-13
GOP ‘Savior’ Marco Rubio Mocks Climate Change
Think Progress
Referring to a statement in his State of the Union response, "When we point out that no matter how many job-killing laws we pass, our government can't control the weather — he accuses us of wanting dirty water and dirty air."
2010s, 2013

„Nothing matters if we aren't safe… The world has never been more dangerous than it is today.“

—  Marco Rubio

As quoted in "America's Next Top Fearmonger: The presidential candidates compete to scare the daylights out of the U.S. public." (22 May 2015), by Robert Golan-Vilella, National Interest.
2010s, 2015

„And the last point I would make about it is, the billionaires and millionaires that are going to be impacted by higher rates, they can afford to hire the best lawyers, lobbyists and accountants in America to figure out how not to pay those higher rates.“

—  Marco Rubio

The Atlantic Washington Ideas Forum, , quoted in * 2012-11-15
Marco Rubio On Tax Hikes For The Rich: Why Bother?
The Huffington Post
2010s, 2012

„There is no such thing as a Republican position on Zika or Democrat position on Zika because these mosquitoes bite everyone, and they're not going to ask you what your party registration is or who you plan to vote for in November.“

—  Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio Press Release: VIDEO: Rubio Urges Congress To Put Politics Aside On Zika (28 April 2016)
2010s, 2016

„I don't agree with the notion that some are putting out there — including scientists — that somehow, there are actions we can take today that would actually have an impact on what's happening in our climate. Our climate is always changing. And what they have chosen to do is take a handful of decades of research, and say that this is now evidence of a longer-term trend that's directly and almost solely attributable to manmade activity.“

—  Marco Rubio

This Week, ABC News, , quoted in * 2014-05-11
Marco Rubio Says Scientists Are Wrong: 'Human Activity' Does Not Cause Climate Change
Crooks and Liars
2010s, 2014

„The most important job we have is not congressman or senator or governor. It's family and mother and husband and wife.“

—  Marco Rubio

'Faith and Freedom' fundraiser event in Anderson, South Carolina , quoted in * 2014-8-25
In South Carolina, Rubio heals wounds on the right
2010s, 2014

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„We cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan.“

—  Marco Rubio

Twitter (28 February 2016)
2010s, 2016

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