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Makoto Shinkai

Data de nascimento: 9. Fevereiro 1973

Makoto Shinkai é um diretor de cinema de anime japonês. O seu filme 5 Centimeters Per Second ganhou o Asia Pacific Screen Awards para Melhor Filme de Animação.

Citações Makoto Shinkai

„It’s the situations that these distant relationships create that interest me more than the distance itself.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on the Electric Sheep magazine
About 5 Centimeters per Second

„I think that science fiction can, by creating extreme situations and settings, draw out the essence of human relationships.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on Tested
About Your Name

„I think animation can tell more than live action.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on Complex
About Your Name

„Your Names success told me movies still have the power to connect with society. As a medium, it still has a power that resonates.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on Entertainment Weekly
About Your Name

„But… you can’t be Miyazaki, you can only be the second Miyazaki, and that isn’t something to aim for.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on Little White Lies
About Your Name

„It is a part of puberty that we just want to go somewhere far away. We only have a vague image, like behind that mountain or a place more beautiful…“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on Otaku Mode
About The Garden of Words

„I think most directors and people who make anime would agree that their latest film is probably the one they feel the most confident in, that they have done their best and put everything into.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on Anime News Network
About The Garden of Words

„But I do want to trigger emotions like his [Miyazaki] movies triggered our emotions.“

—  Makoto Shinkai

Interviewed on The Guardian
About Your Name

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