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M. R. James

Data de nascimento: 1. Agosto 1862
Data de falecimento: 12. Junho 1936


Montague Rhodes James foi um escritor e medievalista inglês.

Citações M. R. James

„Reticence may be an elderly doctrine to preach, yet from the artistic point of view I am sure it is a sound one. Reticence conduces to effect, blatancy ruins it.“

—  M. R. James
"Some Remarks on Ghost Stories", in The Bookman, December 1929; cited from Michael Cox M. R. James: An Informal Portrait (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1986) p. 150.


„I heard one cry in the night, and I heard one laugh afterwards. If I cannot forget that, I shall not be able to sleep again.“

—  M. R. James
"Count Magnus", from Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (1904); The Collected Ghost Stories of M. R. James (London: Edward Arnold, 1947) p. 111.

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