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Louis Farrakhan

Data de nascimento: 11. Maio 1933


Louis Haleem Abdul Farrakhan, originalmente chamado Louis Eugene Walcott , é o atual líder do grupo negro estadunidense Nation of Islam. Tornou-se celébre pelo sucesso a organizar a Million Man March em 1995, uma manifestação que juntou quase um milhão de homens negros em Washington para protestar contra a degradação sócio-económica da minoria afro-americana.

Sucedeu à frente da NOI a Elijah Muhammad.

Citações Louis Farrakhan

„My time is up. I believe … that my time to be with my spiritual father and his sender has come. And your time to go through serious trial has come.“

— Louis Farrakhan
As quoted in [ "Farrakhan in Speech: 'My Time Is Up' " by Jeff Karoub, ABC News (26 February 2007)]


„Iran should not be denied the human right to knowledge... the fear of America is Iran's attitude to Israel, and the cornerstone of America's foreign policy is the protection of Israel... If Iran believes in Allah, and if Iran believes in the power of Allah, Iran can't be frightened by America.“

— Louis Farrakhan
[ Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the "Nation of Islam", Declares His Support of Iran's Nuclear Program and Claims that Since the U.S. Administration Ignored His Warnings, "the Time for the Chastisement of Allah Is Here" (March 2007)]

„Our lips are full of praise, but our hearts are far removed from the prophets we all claim. That's why the world is in the shape that it's in.“

— Louis Farrakhan
As quoted in "Farrakhan in Speech: 'My Time Is Up' " by Jeff Karoub, ABC News (26 February 2007) See also Isaiah [ 29:13]

„I'm not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.“

— Louis Farrakhan
[https://twitter. com/LouisFarrakhan/status/1052304476923719680 16 October 2018], highlighted [https://thehill. com/policy/technology/411950-twitter-says-it-wont-suspend-louis-farrakhan-over-tweet-comparing-jews-to 17 October 2018 by The Hill]