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Layal Abboud

Data de nascimento: 15. Maio 1982


Layal Abboud

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„I love being a beautiful woman when I look at myself in the mirror.“

—  Layal Abboud
June 15, 2017; Al Kahera Walnas


„I may live in Beirut, but I think Egypt is beautiful and I feel like it’s my second country.“

—  Layal Abboud
July 16, 2014; Interview by Insight Magazine

„If we do not learn from our stumbles, we can't growth.“

—  Layal Abboud
September 27, 2009;

„I live in love with every moment and with every song.“

—  Layal Abboud
August 5, 2008; Interview with Jouhina Magazine

„A woman is 25% mind, 75% emotion.“

—  Layal Abboud
June 23, 2016; Interview by Radio Strikeليال-عبود-زوجي-خانني-وخفت-عنوان-أكبر-هيدا-الصدر


„I compete with myself, people will judge whether I deserve to be on the scene or not.“

—  Layal Abboud
January 16, 2008; Al-Jarida

„The art road is paved with thorns.“

—  Layal Abboud
June 10, 2009;

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