Frases de Lawana Blackwell

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Lawana Blackwell

Nós não verificar a identidade deste autor, pode não ser uma pessoa famosa.

Lawana Blackwell - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

Citações Lawana Blackwell

„Moldar a sua vida em torno das opinião dos outros não é nada mais do que a escravidão.“

„Outings are so much more fun when we can savor them through the children's eyes.“

„Patterning your life around other's opinions is nothing more than slavery.“

„The hatred you're carrying is a live coal in your heart - far more damaging to yourself than to them.“ Catherine's Heart

„Forgiveness is almost a selfish act because of its immense benefits to the one who forgives.“

„Exceptions are dangerous, Mr. Clay. Give them a foothold and they turn into habits.“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn

„And it had come from God, she was certain, for He answered most of her prayers that way. Unobtrusively. Quietly.“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn

„Just think of what would have happened to poor old Naaman if he had decided to dunk himself only once?“ The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter

„Because when we lose someone we’ve allowed to be our whole life, we find that we have very little left to sustain us. Not only have we distanced ourselves from God, but we’ve lost something of ourselves in the process.“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn

„When we persue happiness for it's own sake, it's like chasing the end of a rainbow. It will always elude us. It is when we're committed to some higher purpose that happiness somehow breaks through and comes to dwell with us.“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn

„It was a family joke that Lydia's domestic tendencies were somehow misplaced when she was created.“ The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark

„child never allowed to give would surely become a self-indulgent adult, his happiness dependent upon whatever was put into his outstretched palm.“ The Maiden of Mayfair

„It seems that many people who are deficient in character have an overabundance of charm. I“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn

„No matter the gender or location, the students brought her joy and frustration, laughter and sometimes sorrow, but they gave her a worthy reason to get out of bed every morning.“ The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark

„Herricks to the Baptist chapel. Though they often strolled“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn

„That He is a faithful Father, merciful, loving and just. That He loved you so much He sent His only Son to the cross so that you could have salvation. That He is ready to forgive your sin and take you into His bosom as one of His children, if you’ll only ask in the name of the risen Christ.“ The Widow of Larkspur Inn