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Kin Hubbard

Data de nascimento: 1. Setembro 1868
Data de falecimento: 26. Dezembro 1930

Kin Hubbard, pseudônimo de Frank McKinney Hubbard , humorista e jornalista estadunidense.

Citações Kin Hubbard

„Parece que nada consegue ir bem até que haja algumas renúncias.“

—  Kin Hubbard

It seems that nothing ever gets to going good till there's a few resignations.
citado em "The World's Greatest Wacky One-Line Jokes" - página 94, de Bob Phillips - Harvest House Publishers, 2005, ISBN 0736914269, 9780736914260 - 124 páginas

„De vez em quando um homem inocente é escolhido para a legislatura.“

—  Kin Hubbard

Now an' then an innocent man is sent t' th' legislature.
The best of Kin Hubbard: Abe Martin's sayings and wisecracks,Abe's neighbors, his almanack, comic drawings, de Kin Hubbard, editado por David S. Hawes, Indiana University Press, 1984, ISBN 0253106117, 9780253106117, 144 páginas

„Quando alguém lhe disser «Não é uma questão de dinheiro, mas de princípios», pode ter certeza: trata-se de uma questão de dinheiro.“

—  Kin Hubbard

Variante: Quando alguém lhe disser: Não é uma questão de dinheiro, mas de princípio, trata-se de uma questão de dinheiro.

„O camarada que chama você de irmão quer algo que não pertence a ele.“

—  Kin Hubbard

The feller that calls you "brother" generally wants something that don`t belong to him
citado em "Encore: a continuing anthology‎" - Página 19, de Smith, Dent - The Encore press., 1946

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„Existem duas maneiras de lidar com uma mulher, e ninguém as conhece.“

—  Kin Hubbard

There are two ways to handle a woman, and nobody knows either of them
citado em "Have you ever noticed?: the wit and irony of every day life‎", de Joe Moore - Press Pacifica, 1985, ISBN 0916630447, 9780916630447 - 91 páginas

„Now an' then an innocent man is sent t' th' legislature.“

—  Kin Hubbard

Back Country Folks (1914)
As quoted in The Dictionary of Humorous Quotations‎ (1949) by Evan Esar, p. 105.
Variante: Now and then an innocent man is sent to the legislature.

„There is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our own inherent weakness of purpose.“

—  Kin Hubbard

Elbert Hubbard, part of a larger comment quoted from Electrical Review without further attribution in The Search for the North Pole (1896) by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin, p. 520, this was later published as part of various works by Hubbard, including An American Bible (1918) edited by Alice Hubbard. Also once misattributed to Amelia J Calver in The Manifesto (January 1896) by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing (Shakers), misattribution to Kin Hubbard seems to be a relatively recent occurrence on the internet.

„Bees are not as busy as we think they are. They jest can't buzz any slower.“

—  Kin Hubbard

As quoted in Reading I've Liked : A Personal Selection Drawn from Two Decades of Reading (1941) by Clifton Fadiman, p. 827.
A bee is never as busy as it seems; it's just that it can't buzz any slower.
As quoted in The Modern Handbook of Humor (1967) by Ralph Louis Woods, p. 17
The bee isn't really that busy — it just can't buzz any slower.
As quoted in Peter's People (1979) by Laurence J. Peter, p. 29.

„It's purty hard t' be efficient without bein' obnoxious.“

—  Kin Hubbard

Short Furrows (1913)
It's pretty hard to be efficient without being obnoxious.
As quoted in The Book of Unusual Quotations (1957) by Rudolf Franz Flesch, p. 73
It's pretty hard t' be efficient without bein' obnoxious.
As quoted in The Quote Verifier : Who Said What, Where, and When‎ (2006) by Ralph Keyes, p. 94.

„When a fellow says, "It hain't the money, but th' principle o' the thing," it's th' money.“

—  Kin Hubbard

Hoss Sense and Nonsense (1926).
As quoted in The American Treasury, 1455-1955 (1955) by Clifton Fadiman, p. 993.
Variante: When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money.

„Some people are so sensitive that they feel snubbed if an epidemic overlooks them.“

—  Kin Hubbard

New Sayings by Abe Martin and Velma's Vow: A gripping love tale by Miss Fawn Lippincut (1916).