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Kevin Rudd

Data de nascimento: 21. Setembro 1957


Kevin Michael Rudd é um político australiano, ex-líder federal do Partido Trabalhista Australiano.

Seu partido foi o vencedor das eleições gerais ocorridas em 24 de novembro de 2007, tornando-se o primeiro-ministro da Austrália, sucedendo ao conservador John Howard, líder do partido da situação, o Partido Liberal da Austrália. Exerceu o cargo até 24 de junho de 2010.

Voltou ao cargo de premiê em 27 de junho de 2013, após disputas internas dentro do seu partido, tendo abandonado essas funções a 18 de setembro do mesmo ano, na sequência da vitória da coligação de centro-direita nas eleições legislativas.

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„That means temporary borrowings. People have to understand that because there's going to be the usual political shit storm, sorry, political storm.“

—  Kevin Rudd
On borrowing money during the :w:Late-2000s recession. The remark became infamous, with many believing that the line (and use of a swear word) was scripted.

„... no diplomatic intervention will ever be made by any government that I lead in support of any individual terrorist's life. We have only indicated in the past, and will maintain a policy in the future, of intervening diplomatically in support of Australian nationals who face capital sentences abroad.“

—  Kevin Rudd
ALP in 'me-too' policy mess over death penalty Response to a backlash following statements made by Robert McClelland, days before the fifth anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombings, who said that Labor would campaign internationally to stop executions of terrorists.

„Everyone's entitled to their point of view but that's seriously a weird one.“

—  Kevin Rudd
Response to Liberal MP Danna Vale's comment that Australia's rising abortion rate indicated that it might become a Muslim nation in 50 years.

„If he has any self-respect he would resign over this matter, the negligence is so gross.“

—  Kevin Rudd
Regarding then deputy prime minister Mark Vaile's evidence at the Cole Inquiry, following the Australian Wheat Board's 'oil for food' scandal.


„There's nothing like having a bit of somebody else in you.“

—  Kevin Rudd
When speaking about organ transplants in his final address as Prime Minister on June 24, 2010.

„John Howard's credibility on the entire Iraq war has been torpedoed by John Howard's own intelligence agency.“

—  Kevin Rudd
Criticism of Australia's involvement in the 2003 Iraq War, and that of the Office of National Assessments.

„My name is Kevin, I'm from Queensland, and I'm here to help.“

—  Kevin Rudd
"World briefing: Too clever by half: Australia's quarrel with its new PM" Simon Tisdall. The Guardian. London (UK): Apr 9, 2008. pg. 17 Address to the Labor Party conference, 2007


„We have seen this complete right wing takeover of modern liberalism, and it is an ugly spectacle to behold.“

—  Kevin Rudd
Rudd's first speech as Labor leader Speaking of John Howard's Liberal government.

„[But] we should not be kowtowing to anybody when it comes to freedom in this country.“

—  Kevin Rudd
Response to the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, and whether publishing the cartoons would be appropriate in Australian media outlets.

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