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Kenneth Arrow

Data de nascimento: 23. Agosto 1921
Data de falecimento: 21. Fevereiro 2017

Kenneth Joseph Arrow foi um economista e matemático estadunidense.

Citações Kenneth Arrow

„Uncertainty means that we do not have a complete description of the world which we fully believe to be true.“

—  Kenneth Arrow

Fonte: 1970s-1980s, The Limits Of Organization (1974), Chapter 2, Organization And Information, p. 34

„Collective action is a means of power, a means by which individuals can more fully realize their individual values.“

—  Kenneth Arrow

Fonte: 1970s-1980s, The Limits Of Organization (1974), Chapter 1, Rationality: Individual And Social, p. 16

„In an ideal socialist economy, the reward for invention would be completely separated from any charge to the users of information. In a free enterprise economy, inventive activity is supported by using the invention to create property rights; precisely to the extent that it is successful, there is an underutilization of the information.“

—  Kenneth Arrow

Kenneth J. Arrow (1962). "Economic Welfare and the Allocation of Resources for Invention." In: The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity. Princeton University Press.; cited in: Thrainn Eggertsson, Economic behavior and institutions. 1990. p. 22

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