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Karl E. Weick

Data de nascimento: 31. Outubro 1936


Karl E. Weick , é um teórico organizacional americano que introduziu os conceitos “loose coupling”, “mindfulness” e “sensemaking” em estudos organizacionais.

Citações Karl E. Weick

„How can I know what I think until I see what I say,“

—  Karl E. Weick
Context: In the recipe, How can I know what I think until I see what I say, saying equates to variation, seeing equates to selection of meaning in what was said, and thinking equates to retention of an interpretation. The retained interpretation may then be imposed subsequently to interpret similar saying (retention is credited) in order to construct cumulative understanding, test past labels for their validity, or generalize older labels to newer events. p. 25

„Roethlisberger argues that people who are preoccupied with success ask the wrong question. They ask, “what is the secret of success” when they should be asking, “what prevents me from learning here and now?” To be overly preoccupied with the future is to be inattentive toward the present where learning and growth take place. To walk around asking, “am I a success or a failure” is a silly question in the sense that the closest you can come to answer is to say, everyone is both a success and a failure.“

—  Karl E. Weick
Weick, Karl E. "How Projects Lose Meaning: The Dynamics of Renewal." in Renewing Research Practice by R. Stablein and P. Frost (Eds.). Stanford, CA: Stanford. 2004; cited in: Bob Sutton " Karl Weick On Why "Am I a Success or a Failure?" Is The Wrong Question," at, April 12, 2008.


„They [laboratory groups] bypass such questions as how one comes to know that a problem exists, what it does to solution adequacy to be working on several different things concurrently with problem solving, what it's like to go about solving a felt, intuited problem rather than an explicitly stated consensually validated problem which was made visible to all members at a specific point in time.“

—  Karl E. Weick
Karl E. Weick (1971, p. 9), as cited in: Harry L. Davis. " Decision Making within the Household," The Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 2, No. 4. (Mar., 1976), pp. 241-260.


„Simply pushing harder within the old boundaries will not do.“

—  Karl E. Weick
Attributed to Karl E. Weick in: Iyar, Subrah S. Why Buy the Cow,. 2007. p. 21

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