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Karen Horney

Data de nascimento: 16. Setembro 1885
Data de falecimento: 4. Dezembro 1952

Karen Horney foi uma psicanalista alemã que trabalhou nos Estados Unidos últimos anos de sua carreira. Suas teorias questionavam algumas visões tradicionais freudianas, especialmente as suas teorias acerca da sexualidade e da orientação instintiva da psicanálise. A ela é creditada a criação da psicologia feminista em resposta a teoria de Freud da inveja do pênis. Ela discordava de Freud sobre as diferenças inerentes à psicologia de homens e mulheres, e as atribuía a diferenças sociais e culturais e não à biologia. Por esse motivo, ela é muitas vezes classificada como neo-freudiana.

„Qualquer pessoa pode ser modificada para melhor, se ela assim se propuser.“

„A preocupação deveria levar-nos à ação e não à depressão.“

„If you want to be proud of yourself, then do things in which you can take pride“ Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization

„To find a mountain path all by oneself gives a greater feeling of strength than to take a path that is shown.“ Self-Analysis

„Rationalization may be defined as self-deception by reasoning.“

„A perfectly normal person is rare in our civilization.“

„Concern should drive us into action, not into a depression.“

„No one … can entirely step out of his time, that despite his keenness of vision his thinking is in many ways bound to be influenced by the mentality of his time“

„Many such relations are carried on under the camouflage of love, that is, under a subjective conviction of attachment, when actually the love is only the person's clinging to others to satisfy his own needs.“

„There is no good reason why we should not develop and change until the last day we live.“

„If a person has had sufficient courage to discover an unpleasant truth about himself, one may safely trust his courage to be strong enough to carry him through.“ Self-Analysis

„When he moves away from people, he wants neither to belong nor to fight, but keeps apart. He feels he has not much in common with them, they do not understand him somehow. He builds up a world of his own -with nature, with his dolls, his books, his dreams.“ Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis

„Whether we forget something we are not proud of, or embellish it, or blame somebody else, we want to save face by not owning up to shortcomings.“ Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization

„For the analyst it is a source of never-ending astonishment how comparatively well a person can function with the core of himself not participating.“ Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization

„An existing repressed antagonism may be covered up by disinterestedness; a repressed craving for affection, by an "I don't care" attitude.“ New Ways in Psychoanalysis

„Even though godlike in his imagination, he still lacks the earthy self-confidence of a simple shepherd.“ Neurosis and Human Growth: The Struggle Towards Self-Realization

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