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Data de nascimento: 3. Março 1981


Julius Sello Malema é membro do parlamento e líder dos Combatentes da Liberdade Econômica, um partido político sul-africano da extrema-esquerda, que ele fundou em julho de 2013. Ele anteriormente foi Presidente da Juventude do Congresso Nacional Africano entre 2008 e 2012. Malema foi membro do Congresso Nacional Africano desde os nove anos de idade até ser expulso do partido em abril de 2012 aos trinta e um anos. Ele ocupa uma posição notadamente polêmica na vida pública e política sul-africana, tendo atingido a proeminência com seu apoio ao presidente do CNA, e depois presidente da África do Sul, Jacob Zuma. Ele foi descrito tanto por Zuma quanto pelo premier da província de Limpopo como o "futuro líder" da África do Sul. Críticos menos favoráveis pintam-no como um "populista imprudente" com o potencial de desestabilizar a África do Sul e desencadear conflitos raciais.Malema foi condenado por discurso de ódio em março de 2010 e novamente em setembro de 2011. Em novembro de 2011 ele foi julgado culpado de semear divisões dentro do CNA e, em conjunto com sua suspensão de dois anos em maio de 2010, foi suspenso do partido por cinco anos. Em 2011, foi novamente condenado por discurso de ódio após cantar "Dubula iBunu" , decisão mantida em recurso, levando à sua expulsão do CNA.Em 2012, Malema foi acusado de fraude, lavagem de dinheiro e extorsão. Após vários adiamentos, o caso foi arquivado pelos tribunais em 2015 devido a atrasos excessivos pela Autoridade Nacional de Promotoria, levando a percepções de que as acusações foram politicamente motivadas. Porém, em 2018, o grupo nacionalista branco dos africânderes AfriForum anunciou que iria montar um processo privado contra Malema sobre as acusações de corrupção.

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„One of the things that we can learn [from] the Cubans is that they are highly politically conscientized. …they understand what constitute progress and what constitute the enemy. And they have come to appreciate that they are in the situation they are because of the choice they have made, of not wanting to follow what the big brother America says they must do. And they know that if it was not [for the] illegal embargo imposed on them, they were actually going to be a much much more better country. Look at them, they have succeeded, the better education, better healthcare, the illiteracy levels are extreme low, under difficult circumstances. [The] quality of education, the quality of primary healthcare [of some country's without embargoes] is nothing compared to a country [Cuba] which is suffering from a serious economic embargo. So we can learn from the Cubans through their determination, through their appreciation that they are a unique nation, and have chosen their path, and they will lead by their conviction. [Interviewer Bryce-Pease asks Malema about Cuba's socialist-democratic model, lack of human rights, lack of freedom of association or freedom of speech among the opposition, and whether South Africa should take those as lessons. ] Malema: …if they think that their model works for them I am not the one to impose on them what should be the type of political systems in Cuba. They are the ones who can chose which direction they want to take. [Bryce-Pease: Do you see a model like Cuba existing in South Africa? ] When we can do actually much better, our democratic system is intact, it is working […] but there are a lot of things to learn from Cuba [for instance] inculcating the history of the revolution in our education system, so that everybody else is conscientized… Of course there will be some few elements who are not happy. … [Castro] is bound to commit mistakes but generally we are more than happy with the type of work he has done for the Cubans and for the Africans as well, having contributed to the decolonization of Africa and the defeat of apartheid in southern Africa…“

—  Julius Malema
In Cuba, after paying his respects at Fidel Castro's funeral, Julius Malema in Cuba for Castro's funeral, SABC News (5 December 2016)

„So black people, you are subjects of white people. Even under ANC, even under the so-called democracy, you are subject, you are servant of white people. No white man will be served by me. I do not serve white masters. … I am here to disturb the white man's peace. … The white man has been too comfortable for too long. We are here unashamedly to disturb the white man's peace, because we have never known peace. We don't know what peace looks like. … They have been swimming in a pool of privilege. They have been enjoying themselves because they always owned our land. We, the rightful owners, our peace was disturbed by white man's arrival here. They committed a black genocide. They killed our people during land dispossession. … They found peaceful Africans here. They killed them. They slaughtered them like animals. We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now. What we are calling for is for peaceful occupation of the land. And we don't owe anyone apology about that. … Revolution is about making those who are comfortable uncomfortable. … Revolution is about disturbing the peace of those who are swimming in a peaceful environment through exploitation of the working class. … Our strategic objective is the defeat of white monopoly capital. And that defeat […] means the ownership of property must change and be transferred into the hands of the people. Their mines must be nationalized, the banks must be nationalized, the land must be expropriated without compensation. … But white minority be warned, we will take our land no matter what.“

—  Julius Malema
To EFF supporters after appearing in the Newcastle Magistrates court on 7 November 2016, for allegedly contravening the Riotous Assemblies Act, “We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now.” Malema, Ezra Claymore, The South African, 8 November 2016, and a video by Matshidiso Madia. See also: Malema addresses supporters after appearing in court, 7 November 2016, SABC News, YouTube


„Malema: So these popcorn and mushrooming political parties in Zimbabwe, they will never find friendship in us. They can insult us here from air-conditioned offices of Sandton, we are unshaken. They must stop shouting at us, they must go and fight with their battle in Zimbabwe and win. Even if they've got ground and they are formed on the basis of solid ground in Zim, why are they speaking in Sandton and not Mashonaland or Matabeleland? … Let them go back and go and fight there. Even when the ANC was underground in exile, we had our internal underground forces fighting for freedom.
Fisher: You live in Sandton.
Malema: And we have never spoken from … exile. Let me tell you before you are tjatjarag [i. e. chatty]. This is a building of a revolutionary party, and you know nothing about the revolution.
Fisher: So, so they are not welcome in Sandton but you are?
Malema: So here you behave or else you jump. [Fisher and others laugh. ] Don't laugh.
Fisher: You're joking.
Malema: Chief, can you get security to remove this thing here. If you are not going to behave … call security to take you out. This is not a news room this. This is a revolutionary house. And you don't come here with that tendency. Don't come here with that white tendency, not here. … If you've got a tendency of undermining blacks even while you work, you are in a wrong place …
Fisher: That's rubbish.
Malema: … and you can go out!
Fisher: Absolutely rubbish.
Malema: Rubbish is what you have covered in that trouser. … You are a small boy, you can't do anything. … Bastard! Go out! You bloody agent! … So we think that we need to ensure that we encourage Zanu PF comrades to engage in peaceful means.“

—  Julius Malema
Outburst against reporter Jonah Fisher at Luthuli House on 8 April 2010, while president of the ANC youth league and after his return from Zimbabwe, ANC's Julius Malema lashes out at 'misbehaving' BBC journalist (8 April 2010)

„If you don't own a piece of land, you're a coward.“

—  Julius Malema
At the EFF's 4th anniversary celebrations in Durban on 29 July 2017, as quoted by Mxolisi Mngadi in Mbeki is wrong when he says there's no white monopoly capital - Malema, News24 (29 July 2017)

„It didn’t end there [with genocide]. They passed law after law‚ taking land from our people. Yet investors never left the country. When they passed the Land Act of 1913‚ investors never left the country. Investors came into the country.“

—  Julius Malema
On 4 March 2018, at the launch of the EFF's election registration campaign, Standard Bank arena, Johannesburg. As quoted by Nico Gous in Land in SA was taken through ‘genocide’ and will be returned: Malema, Sunday Times (4 March 2018)

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„Every land in South Africa should be expropriated without compensation and it will be under the state. The state should be the custodian of the land. … No one is going to lose his or her house, no one is going to lose his or her flat, no one is going to lose his or her factory or industry. All we are saying is they will not have the ownership of the land.“

—  Julius Malema
On 27 February 2018 to journalists outside the National Assembly, Cape Town, as quoted by Nic Andersen, “No one will lose their house or factory” – Malema clarifies land expropriation, The South African (28 February 2018)

„We also want to call upon our fellow Indians here in Natal to respect Africans. They are ill-treating them worse than Afrikaners will do. We don’t want that to continue here in Natal. This is not anti-Indian statement, it is the truth. Indians who own shops don't pay our people, but they give them food parcels. They must be paid a minimum wage. We're not going to nurse feelings here.“

—  Julius Malema
At the EFF's 4th anniversary celebrations in Durban on 29 July 2017, as quoted by Aaisha Dadi Patel in Malema might have a point about South African Indian people, Mail & Guardian (2 August 2017)

„All white people who are voting DA, who are angry with what we are going to do in PE, who have insulted us since we announced this decision, and mobilised some of your people in the media, to insult us and say all of this, all of you combined can go to hell! We don't care about you. We don't care about you. We don’t care about White feelings.“

—  Julius Malema
On 4 March 2018, at the launch of the EFF's election registration campaign, Standard Bank arena, Johannesburg. Has EFF’s Julius Malema Gone Too Far With Racist Remarks?, SAPeople News (5 March 2018)

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