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Julia Gillard

Data de nascimento: 29. Setembro 1961

Julia Eileen Gillard é uma política australiana, que se tornou notória por ser a primeira mulher a ocupar o cargo de primeira-ministra de seu país .

Citações Julia Gillard

„What I believe, what the Labor Party believes, is that marriage is between a man and a woman.“

—  Julia Gillard

2010 Australian federal election press conference, 2 August 2010
"Julia Gillard on gay marriage", on ABC News, 2 August 2010

„The sense of regret that we didn't need to be here. The sense of friendship lost, something very special lost, the team ability of the two of us. That was sitting very heavily on me.“

—  Julia Gillard

Gillard recalls what was most troubling to her during the 2010 Labor Party leadership turmoil.
The Killing Season, Episode two: Great Moral Challenge (2009–10)

„I suggest Australians rush to their kitchens and check that their spoons aren't bent after that performance.“

—  Julia Gillard

Following a "death stare" and rebuke by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Julie Bishop, in Question Time, c. February 2011
"PM labels Opposition's carbon tax rollback plan as 'reckless'", in PM (ABC), 26 February 2011

„It's a cute project to work on.“

—  Julia Gillard

Explaining why she was knitting a toy kangaroo for Prince William, Duke of Cambridge's expected baby.
Evening Standard, Tue 25 June 2013. p. 5

„Hindsight can give you insights about what went wrong. But only faith, reason and bravery can propel you forward.“

—  Julia Gillard

In an op-ed to the Guardian Australia, following the Second Rudd Government's defeat at the 2013 federal election.
"Julia Gillard writes on power, purpose and Labor’s future", in Guardian Australia, 14 September 2013

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„I was very conscience that if you put even your toe on this very sticky piece of paper, then you would be caught on it.“

—  Julia Gillard

On her initial decision not to disclose details of her final meeting with Rudd, prior to challenging him for the Labor Party leadership in June 2010.
The Killing Season, Episode three: The Long Shadow (2010–13)

„There was no cataclysmic moment of revelation, but as I moved into my 20's, doubts grew and then overwhelmed...“

—  Julia Gillard

I suspect there was nothing original about my journey, but it led me to a quiet, but firm belief:

that this mortal world, is it.

And, our measure as human beings, is entirely defined by what we do within it.
From the autobiography

„I don't think it would have been possible … You always have choices, yes, but I don't think there was any way of stuffing the genie back into the bottle.“

—  Julia Gillard

Responding to the claim that she would have been able to call off her leadership challenge against Rudd, following their final meeting on the night of 23 June 2010.
The Killing Season, Episode two: Great Moral Challenge (2009–10)

„Tactics hadn't gone [Rudd's] way – I had taken a view about something else forming the issue of the day – and after the tactics meeting broke up he very physically stepped into my space, and it was quite a bullying encounter. It was a menacing, angry, performance.“

—  Julia Gillard

Gillard recalls a tactics meeting held during the Rudd Opposition years; she was the Manager of Opposition Business in the House at the time.
The Killing Season, Episode one: The Prime Minister and his Loyal Deputy (2006–09)

„I don’t see what alternate reality was possible other than the one’s we lived through. So I think people are really wistfully hoping for something that was never going to be.“

—  Julia Gillard

In response to suggestions that Rudd and Gillard were better as a team, as opposed to rivals.
The Killing Season, Episode three: The Long Shadow (2010–13)

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