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John Ziman

Data de nascimento: 16. Maio 1925
Data de falecimento: 2. Janeiro 2005

John Michael Ziman was a British-born New Zealand physicist and humanist who worked in the area of condensed matter physics. He was a spokesman for science, as well as a teacher and author.

Ziman was born in Cambridge, England, in 1925. His parents were Solomon Netheim Ziman and, Nellie Frances, née Gaster. The family emigrated to New Zealand when Ziman was a baby. He obtained his early education at Hamilton High School and the University of Wellington. He obtained his PhD from Balliol College, Oxford and did his early research on the theory of electrons in liquid metals at the University of Cambridge.In 1964 he was appointed professor of theoretical physics at University of Bristol, where he wrote his Elements Of Advanced Quantum Theory which explains the rudiments of quantum field theory with an elementary condensed matter slant. During this period, his interests shifted towards the philosophy of science. He argued about the social dimension of science, and the social responsibility of scientists in numerous essays and books.He married twice, to Rosemary Dixon in 1951 and secondly to Joan Solomon, and was survived by her and three of his four children.

Citações John Ziman

„Ethics is not just an abstract intellectual discipline. It is about the conflicts that arise in trying to meet real human needs and values.“

—  John Ziman

Ziman, John M. "Why must scientists become more ethically sensitive than they used to be?", Science, December 4, 1998.

„A new scientific theory is seldom stated with such clarity by its original author, and usually takes many years to creep into public conciousness.“

—  John Ziman

[John M. Ziman, The Force of Knowledge: The Scientific Dimension of Society, Cambridge University Press, 1976, 0-521-09917-X, 98]

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