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John McAfee

Data de nascimento: 18. Setembro 1945


John McAfee é um programador de computadores Britânico e fundador da McAfee.

Foi uma das primeiras pessoas a projetar software antivírus e desenvolver scanner de vírus.

Citações John McAfee

„If the majority holds some thing of value, you can be certain it has none.“

— John McAfee
Anti-virus presentation, Sydney Australia, 1991, on the general trend away from virus scanning as a valid method of virus control.


„A good example is more irritating than a bad one.“

— John McAfee
From a presentation in Munich, Jan 1991, in response to an audience question on why his competitors complained about his business practices.<!-- published/quoted where? -->

„If you own the facts, you may distort them as you like.“

— John McAfee
To anti-virus researcher Pame Kane at the 1992 Computer Virus Conference in response to Kane’s assertion that McAfee’s virus scanner did not work.<!-- published/quoted where? -->

„If you have the winning cards, why cheat?“

— John McAfee
Good Morning America (June 1991) when asked if he manipulated the results of his product’s virus detection percentage.

„Opinions need a willing ear.“

— John McAfee
Beyond the Sindhis (2002)

„Disobedience is the vehicle of progress.“

— John McAfee
Explaining why he did not follow the normal rules of business to reporter Josh Quittner in 1992


„Hope is paltry food for living.“

— John McAfee
Into the Heart of Truth (2001)

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