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John Bodkin Adams

Data de nascimento: 21. Janeiro 1899
Data de falecimento: 4. Julho 1983


John Bodkin Adams foi um médico e assassino em série britânico, suspeito da morte de 163 pacientes.Adams matava suas vítimas com superdosagem de drogas, logo após elas modificarem seus testamentos em seu benefício. Os assassinatos passaram despercebidos durante muito tempo, porque as vítimas eram em sua maioria anciãos e as mortes eram consideradas consequência da avançada idade.

Citações John Bodkin Adams

„A mercenary mercy killer who was prepared to sell death.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
About, The trial judge Lord Justice Patrick Devlin in his 1985 book on the case.


„I don't know what you mean. I don't keep a record.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
To police on being asked for his Dangerous Drugs Register during a police search.

„You do realise, doctor, that you have killed her?“

—  John Bodkin Adams
About, A nurse working with Adams, when a patient passed away after an injection.

„Mrs Thomas has promised me her typewriter, I'll take it now.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
To Mrs Thomas' cook on 21 November 1952. The patient died the following night.

„The person who told you that doesn't know why I did it.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
When asked in 1956 why in February 1954 he had sat with patient Clara Neil Miller for forty minutes with her "bed clothes all off... and over the foot rail of the bed, her night gown up around her chest and the window in the room open top and bottom", while Adams read to her from the Bible.

„I don't want money. What use is it?“

—  John Bodkin Adams
When asked about legacies he received from deceased patients.

„She might be violent.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
When asked in August 1939 why he injected elderly patient Agnes Pike with Morphine while another doctor was examining her in order to give a second opinion. The patient was being heavily sedated by Adams and her relatives had become concerned.

„That was very wrong… I have had God's forgiveness for it.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
To police on being confronted about a forged prescription. Source: Patrick Devlin, Easing the passing: The trial of Doctor John Bodkin Adams, London, The Bodley Head, 1985

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„Easing the passing of a dying person isn't all that wicked. She wanted to die. That can't be murder. It is impossible to accuse a doctor.“

—  John Bodkin Adams
Source: Cullen, Pamela V., "A Stranger in Blood: The Case Files on Dr John Bodkin Adams", London, Elliott & Thompson, 2006, ISBN 1-904027-19-9 To police on being told of the investigation into his actions.

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