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Johann Georg Hamann

Data de nascimento: 27. Agosto 1730
Data de falecimento: 21. Junho 1788


Johann Georg Hamann foi um alemão, filósofo e escritor. Foi profundamente marcado por uma vivência religiosa em 1758, que o levou à defesa de uma posição fundamentalista dentro do cristianismo. A partir desta época, Hamann adota o socrático não saber, contrapondo a ele o fundamento na Fé. Crítico radical do Racionalismo e do Iluminismo, dedicou sua carreira literária à defesa de uma fé cristã genuína, ainda que não fosse católico. Ele é considerado um precursor do Sturm und Drang. Goethe se referiu a ele como uma das mentes mais brilhantes de seu tempo.

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Citações Johann Georg Hamann

„Without language we would have no reason“

—  Johann Georg Hamann
Context: Without language we would have no reason, without reason no religion, and without these three essential aspects of our nature, neither mind nor bond of society. Sämtliche Werken, ed. Josef Nadler (1949-1957), vol. III, p. 231.


„Let us assume that we invited an unknown person to a game of cards. If this person answered us, “I don’t play,” we would either interpret this to mean that he did not understand the game, or that he had an aversion to it which arose from economic, ethical, or other reasons. Let us imagine, however, that an honorable man, who was known to possess every possible skill in the game, and who was well versed in its rules and its forbidden tricks, but who could like a game and participate in it only when it was an innocent pastime, were invited into a company of clever swindlers, who were known as good players and to whom he was equal on both scores, to join them in a game. If he said, “I do not play,” we would have to join him in looking the people with whom he was talking straight in the face, and would be able to supplement his words as follows: “I don’t play, that is, with people such as you, who break the rules of the game, and rob it of its pleasure. If you offer to play a game, our mutual agreement, then, is that we recognize the capriciousness of chance as our master; and you call the science of your nimble fingers chance, and I must accept it as such, it I will, or run the risk of insulting you or choose the shame of imitating you.” … The opinion of Socrates can be summarized in these blunt words, when he said to the Sophists, the leaned men of his time, “I know nothing.” Therefore these words were a thorn in their eyes and a scourge on their backs.“

—  Johann Georg Hamann
Socratic Memorabilia, J. Flaherty, trans. (Baltimore: 1967), pp. 165-167.


„Poetry is the mother-tongue of the human race.“

—  Johann Georg Hamann
Sämtliche Werken, ed. Josef Nadler (Vienna: Verlag Herder, 1949-1957), vol. II, p. 197.

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