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Joe Frazier

Data de nascimento: 12. Janeiro 1944
Data de falecimento: 7. Novembro 2011


Joseph William Frazier, conhecido como Smokin' Joe foi um pugilista norte-americano, campeão mundial de boxe na categoria de pesos-pesados.Sua carreira estendeu-se pelas décadas de 1960 e 1970, ficando famosos pelos combates que disputou com Muhammad Ali e George Foreman pelo título de campeão de pesos pesados.

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Citações Joe Frazier

„I am who I am, and yes, I whipped Ali all three times.“

—  Joe Frazier
Frazier referring to his fights with Muhammad Ali.

„A sound body keeps a sound mind.“

—  Joe Frazier
Wise words from Frazier.


„Ali kept calling me ugly, but I never thought of myself as being any uglier than him, I have 11 babies, somebody thought I was cute.“

—  Joe Frazier
Frazier deals with one of Ali's insults.

„Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took and your name in the undertaker book.“

—  Joe Frazier
Joe speaking on the great sport.

„Ali always said I would be nothing without him, but who would he have been without me?“

—  Joe Frazier
Frazier makes his point.

„I had a job to do in the ring, and the businessmen around me had a job to do outside the ring, I did my job by beating up most of the guys they put in front of me and staying in shape, but the people I trusted didn’t do their jobs.“

—  Joe Frazier
Frazier talking about how the people he trusted took advantage of him.

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