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Joan Miró

Data de nascimento: 20. Abril 1893
Data de falecimento: 25. Dezembro 1983


Joan Miró i Ferrà foi um escultor, pintor, gravurista e ceramista surrealista catalão.

Citações Joan Miró

„I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.“

—  Joan Miró
from: Joan Miro: Selected Writings and Interviews, M.Rowell, Thames and Hudson, 1987


„How did I think up my drawings and my ideas for painting? Well I'd come home to my Paris studio in Rue Blomet at night, I'd go to bed, and sometimes I hadn't any supper. I saw things, and I jotted them down in a notebook. I saw shapes on the ceiling..“

—  Joan Miró
from: Miro, on English Wikipedia Miró's quote on 'automatic painting and drawing', explaining the start of his work 'Harlequin's Carnival' he made in Paris, strongly admired then by Surrealists like André Breton

„to try also, inasmuch as possible, to go beyond easel painting, which in my opinion has a narrow goal, and to bring myself closer, through painting, to the human masses I have never stopped thinking about.“

—  Joan Miró
In: 'Je rêve d'un grand atelier', Miro 1938; as quoted in Calder Miró, ed. Elizabeth Hutton Turner / Oliver Wick; Philip Wilson Publishers, London 2004, p. 65

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