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Jerry Springer

Data de nascimento: 13. Fevereiro 1944

Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer é um apresentador de televisão e político estadunidense nascido no Reino Unido. Apresenta desde 1991 o programa The Jerry Springer Show, conhecido por mostrar barracos familiares . Em março de 2007, substituiu Regis Philbin no comando do programa de calouros America's Got Talent, da rede NBC, a partir de sua segunda temporada . Foi prefeito de Cincinatti entre 1977 e 1978.

Citações Jerry Springer

„The GNP by itself is no mark of our national achievement. For it includes smokestacks that pollute, drugs that destroy, and ambulances which clear our highways of human wreckage. It includes a mugger's knife, a rioter's bomb, and Oswald's rifle, but if the GNP tells us all this, there is much that it does not tell us. It says nothing about the health of our families, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play.“

—  Jerry Springer

from a speech given circa 1970 to citizens in Cincinnati Ohio.
This American Life, Ep. 258, 01/30/04, Leaving the Fold; Act One.
PLEASE NOTE that this quote borrows very heavily, in substance and form, from a 1968 speech by Robert F. Kennedy

„Okay bear with me this'll be a little tough. You should know this isn't the first time I thought about leaving. I thought about it some twenty years ago when a check that would soon become a part of Cincinnati folklore, made me see life from the bottom. To be honest, a thought about ending it all crossed my mind, but a more reasonable alternative seemed to be 'hey how about just leaving town? Running away? Starting life over, some place else?' You see, in political terms as well as human, here in Cincinnati, I was dead. But then in the, probably, the luckiest decision I ever made, I decided 'No! I'm staying put!' I would withstand all the jokes, all the ridicule. I'd pretend it didn't hurt, and I would give every ounce of my being to Cincinnati. 'Why in time,' I was thinking, 'you'd have to like me. Or if not like me, at least respect me.' And I'd run for council even unendorsed. And I'd prove to you I could be the best public servant you ever had, or I'd die trying. Be it as a mayor, an anchor, or a commentator, whatever it took, I was determined to have you know that I was more than a check and a hooker on a one night stand. But something happened along the way. Maybe it's God's way of teaching us. I don't know, but you see? In trying to prove something to you, I learned something about me. I learned that I had fallen in love with you. With Cincinnati. With you who taught me more about life, and caring, and forgiving, and also most importantly, giving. Giving something back. Which is part of the reason… I have been… Excuse me. So sad this week. why… Why it's so hard to say goodbye. God bless you, and goodbye.“

—  Jerry Springer

his final commentary at NBC's WLWT in Ohio, January 1993
This American Life, Ep. 258, 01/30/04, Leaving the Fold; Act One.

„I'm not conflicted. Because I know. There's me, and there's the show.“

—  Jerry Springer

This American Life, Ep. 258, 01/30/04, Leaving the Fold; Act One.

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„Country comes before politics.“

—  Jerry Springer

Springer On The Radio for Air America Radio, July 15th, 2005

„I create this persona for the show. And that's what it is. I'm an act.“

—  Jerry Springer

This American Life, Ep. 258, 01/30/04, Leaving the Fold; Act One.

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