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Jean Tinguely

Data de nascimento: 22. Maio 1925
Data de falecimento: 30. Agosto 1991


Jean Tinguely foi um escultor suíço.

Citações Jean Tinguely

„To me art is a form of manifest revolt, total and complete. It's a political attitude which doesn't need to found a political party.“

—  Jean Tinguely
Quotes, 1980's, Context: With Dada I.... have in common a certain mistrust toward power. We don't like authority, we don't like power, To me art is a form of manifest revolt, total and complete. It's a political attitude which doesn't need to found a political party. It's not a matter of taking power; when you are against it, you can't take it. We're against all forms of force which aggregate and crystallize an authority that oppresses people. Obviously this is not a characteristic of my art alone - it's much more general, a basic political attitude. It's a clear intention, more necessary today than ever, to oppose all forms of force emanating from a managing, centralizing political power. Quote from an interview on the Belgian radio, 1982; As cited in: Andersson, Patrik Lars. Euro-pop: the mechanical bride stripped bare in Stockholm, even. (2001). p. 50.



—  Jean Tinguely
Quotes, 1950's, Quote from Tinguely's letter to Peter Selz (1956); quoted in: Osbel Suárez et al. (2007) Lo[s] cinético[s]. p. 256.

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„During my nightmarish time in a coma, 11 days long, you kept appearing in my dreams, wild, you and Slava, like gypsies & always too late. You were a two-man orchestra & we were always looking for you and waiting for you.“

—  Jean Tinguely
Quotes, 1980's, In a letter, January 1986; cited in: Jean Tinguely, ‎Margrit Hahnloser-Ingold, ‎Paul Sacher (1996) Briefe von Jean Tinguely an Paul Sacher und Gemeinsame Freunde.

„The relationship of art and play: to play is art - consequently I play. I play enraged.“

—  Jean Tinguely
Quotes, 1950's, Jean Tinguely (1959), quoted in: ACM multimedia 2000: proceedings. ACM. Special Interest Group on Multimedia (2000). p. 19.

„They'll all pee blue for one week to ten days, for about the duration of the show. The first opening I've enjoyed!“

—  Jean Tinguely
Quotes, 1950's, Quote of Jean Tinguely (1958), cited in: Heidi E. Violand-Hobi, ‎Jean Tinguely (1995) Jean Tinguely: life and work. p. 10.

„My ghosts are satisfied.“

—  Jean Tinguely
Quotes, 1990's, Jean Tinguely (1990); as quoted in: Museum Jean Tinguely Basel, ‎Jean Tinguely, ‎Fritz Gerber (1996) Museum Jean Tinguely Basel. p. 250. This source explains, that Tinguely "wrote in the catalogue, a remark that addresses the elements of movement and hope that are always present in his sculptures. It appears that hopelessness was as foreign to him as it was to his machines."

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