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Jan Tinbergen

Data de nascimento: 12. Abril 1903
Data de falecimento: 9. Junho 1994


Jan Tinbergen foi um economista neerlandês.

Foi agraciado com o primeiro Prémio de Ciências Económicas, em 1969, pelo seu trabalho com modelos macroeconômicos. Seu irmão mais novo, Nikolaas Tinbergen, recebeu o Nobel de Fisiologia ou Medicina de 1973.

Jan Tinbergen desenvolveu o Modelo de Tinbergen, ferramenta fundamental no estudo do setor público.

Citações Jan Tinbergen


„Models constitute a framework or a skeleton and the flesh and blood will have to be added by a lot of common sense and knowledge of details.“

—  Jan Tinbergen
As quoted in: Anis Chowdhury, ‎Colin Kirkpatrick (2003) Development Policy and Planning: An Introduction to Models p. 6

„The shaping or reformulation of the aims of economic policy which are only vaguely felt may be exemplified in the aim of social justice.“

—  Jan Tinbergen
Jan Tinbergen (1964) Economic policy: principles and design. (1964). p. 22; Quoted in: Paul Schenderling. The Size and Transmission of Fiscal Spillovers: an Empirical Characterisation. (2012) p. 6


„For some queer and deplorable reason most human beings are more impressed by words than by figures, to the great disadvantage of mankind.“

—  Jan Tinbergen
Jan Tinbergen. "The necessity of quantitative social research." Sankhyā: The Indian Journal of Statistics, Series B (1973): 141-148.

„What matters is the di¤erence between qualities available and qualities required by the demand side, that is by the organization of production.“

—  Jan Tinbergen
p. 15; Cited in: Acemoglu, Daron. Technical change, inequality, and the labor market. No. w7800. National bureau of economic research, 2000. p. 11

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