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Jan Tinbergen

Data de nascimento: 12. Abril 1903
Data de falecimento: 9. Junho 1994

Jan Tinbergen foi um economista holandês.

Foi agraciado com o primeiro Prémio de Ciências Económicas, em 1969, pelo seu trabalho com modelos macroeconômicos. Seu irmão mais novo, Nikolaas Tinbergen, recebeu o Nobel de Fisiologia ou Medicina de 1973.

Jan Tinbergen desenvolveu o Modelo de Tinbergen, ferramenta fundamental no estudo do setor público.

Citações Jan Tinbergen

„What matters is the di¤erence between qualities available and qualities required by the demand side, that is by the organization of production.“

—  Jan Tinbergen

Fonte: Income Distribution (1975), p. 15; Cited in: Acemoglu, Daron. Technical change, inequality, and the labor market. No. w7800. National bureau of economic research, 2000. p. 11

„The shaping or reformulation of the aims of economic policy which are only vaguely felt may be exemplified in the aim of social justice.“

—  Jan Tinbergen

Jan Tinbergen (1964) Economic policy: principles and design. (1964). p. 22; Quoted in: Paul Schenderling. The Size and Transmission of Fiscal Spillovers: an Empirical Characterisation. (2012) p. 6

„Models constitute a framework or a skeleton and the flesh and blood will have to be added by a lot of common sense and knowledge of details.“

—  Jan Tinbergen

As quoted in: Anis Chowdhury, ‎Colin Kirkpatrick (2003) Development Policy and Planning: An Introduction to Models p. 6
"The Use of Models: Experience," 1969

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„For some queer and deplorable reason most human beings are more impressed by words than by figures, to the great disadvantage of mankind.“

—  Jan Tinbergen

Jan Tinbergen. "The necessity of quantitative social research." Sankhyā: The Indian Journal of Statistics, Series B (1973): 141-148.

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