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James Callaghan

Data de nascimento: 27. Março 1912
Data de falecimento: 26. Março 2005


Leonard James Callaghan, Barão Callaghan de Cardiff, KG, PC, foi um político britânico, ex-primeiro-ministro do Reino Unido.

Originário da classe operária e sem qualquer diploma universitário, James Callaghan iniciou a sua carreira na função pública, antes de se demitir em 1937, para se tornar dirigente sindical a tempo inteiro. Após a II Guerra Mundial, na qual serviu na Royal Navy, entrou no Partido Trabalhista, sendo eleito deputado por Cardiff em 1945. Na sua carreira política ocupou por diversas vezes o lugar de ministro-sombra na oposição trabalhista, antes de se tornar Secretário de Estado e depois Ministro nos governos de Harold Wilson. Ocupou a pasta de Finanças , Interior e Negócios Estrangeiros . Em Abril de 1976 substituiu Harold Wilson como líder trabalhista e primeiro-ministro. Três anos mais tarde, não resistiu à agitação social e à renovação conservadora protagonizada pela líder do Partido Conservador Margaret Thatcher, para quem perdeu as eleiçőes em 1979.

James Callaghan faleceu na véspera do seu 93° aniversário, onze dias depois do falecimento da sua mulher, Audrey Callaghan, com quem esteve casado durante 67 anos. Eles tiveram um filho e duas filhas:

Margaret Jay, Baronesa Jay de Paddington

A Honoravél Julie Hubbard

O Honoravél Michael Callaghan

Citações James Callaghan

„A lie can be halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.“

—  James Callaghan
Though widely quoted from his speech in the House of Commons, (1 November 1976) published in Hansard, House of Commons, 5th series, vol. 918, col. 976.; this is actually a very old paraphrase of a statement of the 19th century minister Charles Spurgeon: "A lie travels round the world while truth is putting on her boots." Even in the paraphrased form Callaghan used, it was in widely familiar, many years prior to his use of it, and is evidenced to have been published in that form at least as early as 1939.


„Now that the House of Commons has declared itself, we shall take our case to the country.“

—  James Callaghan
Speech in the House of Commons (28 March 1979). Following the announcement that the government had lost by 1 vote, Callaghan declared his intention to call a general election.

„The commentators have fixed the month for me, they have chosen the date and the day. But I advise them: "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched." Remember what happened to Marie Lloyd. She fixed the day and the date, and she told us what happened. As far as I remember it went like this: 'There was I, waiting at the church–' (laughter). Perhaps you recall how it went on. 'All at once he sent me round a note. Here's the very note. This is what he wrote: "Can't get away to marry you today, my wife won't let me."' Now let me just make clear that I have promised nobody that I shall be at the altar in October? Nobody at all.“

—  James Callaghan
"Mr Callaghan renews plea for 5% pay guideline", The Times, 6 September 1978, p. 4. Speech at the Trades Union Congress, 5 September 1978. Callaghan was teasing the audience about the date for the impending general election. Although his message was intended to convey that he may not call an election in October, many people interpreted him as saying that the opposition would be caught unprepared by an October election. Callaghan deliberately misattributed the music hall song "Waiting at the Church" to Marie Lloyd rather than to its real singer, Vesta Victoria, knowing that Vesta Victoria was too obscure for the audience to recognise.


„First of all, please make sure that you go and vote in the Common Market referendum on Thursday. And secondly, the Government asks you to vote 'Yes', clearly and unmistakeably.“

—  James Callaghan
Referendum broadcast, 2 June, 1975. Callaghan had not wanted to appear in a broadcast for 'Britain in Europe', so he was instead introduced as the Foreign Secretary giving a separate broadcast within a 'Britain in Europe' timeslot.

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