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James Boswell

Data de nascimento: 29. Outubro 1740
Data de falecimento: 19. Maio 1795


James Boswell , advogado e biógrafo escocês, um dos maiores diaristas do século XVIII.

Citações James Boswell


„The best good man, with the worst natur'd muse.“

—  James Boswell
Quoting John Wilmot, earl of Rochester's poem "To Lord Buckhurst", (18 August 1773)


„Boswell is pleasant and gay,
For frolic by nature designed;
He heedlessly rattles away
When company is to his mind.“

—  James Boswell
In a poem about himself, in "Biographic Sketches" in Chambers's Edinburgh Journal Vol. IV (1836). p. 341


„I jumped up on the benches, roared out, "Damn you, you rascals!", hissed and was in the greatest rage. [... ] I hated the English; I wished from my soul that the Union was broke and that we might give them another battle of Bannockburn.“

—  James Boswell
On an occasion of mocking a pair of Highland officers, circa 1672, as attributed by Ruaridh Nicoll, "As a Scot, I hate this idea of a neutered nation", The Observer, 22 April 2007

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