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Jakaya Kikwete

Data de nascimento: 7. Outubro 1950

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete é um político tanzaniano, que foi Presidente da República Unida da Tanzânia entre 2005 e 2015. Kikwete também foi o presidente da União Africana, de 31 de janeiro de 2008 até 2 de fevereiro de 2009.

Formou-se em Economia pela Universidade de Dar es Salaam no ano de 1975.

É casado com Salma Kikwete, com quem tem oito filhos.

Em 2010, concorreu a um segundo mandato, pelo Partido Revolucionário, CCM - Chama Cha Mapinduzi. Conseguiu se reeleger, obtendo 61,17% dos votos, onde irá governar o país mais cinco anos. O presidente reeleito teve uma ampla vitória contra seus dois principais rivais, o candidato do partido Chadema, Wilbrod Slaa, que conseguiu 26,34%, e o da Frente Cívica Unida , Ibrahim Haruna Lipumba, que obteve 8,06%.

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„They discuss no strings. There, the people, they don’t discuss anything. You can’t beat the British, you’ve got to sit with them for hours. They talk about this, they talk about that.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04, On the fewer strings attached to China's assistance.

„I gazed at that small boat and said to myself, mhh, I am a Mkwere without swimming skills. Better for Membe because he has married in Mbamba Bay. He can swim.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
2008, On his failure to cross Ruvuma River on FRELIMO's 40th anniversary, 2008-07-27

„I’m not sure. I’m not sure if you talk to the opposition, they would consider that to be an insult. They think they are doing a tremendous job.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04, Regarding his Party's dominance as a one-party state.

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„I don’t know how to get the money but if [the radar] is overpriced, definitely we deserve to be paid … They cannot take money from a poor country.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04, Regarding the purchase of the inflated £28m radar from BAE Systems.

„That day may come. But I’m not seeing it coming soon. We are still strong enough; we’re still popular; I think we are doing the right things.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04, When asked if the Opposition wins the elections.

„This is our kind of politics-to involve the people in staging protest marches, but not in matters that concern their very lives.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
2008, On the opposition Civic United Front's demonstrations, 2008-04-15

„Roads are the blood vessels of the economy.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete
2011, 2011-04-04

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