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Jakaya Kikwete

Data de nascimento: 7. Outubro 1950

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete é um político tanzaniano, que foi Presidente da República Unida da Tanzânia entre 2005 e 2015. Kikwete também foi o presidente da União Africana, de 31 de janeiro de 2008 até 2 de fevereiro de 2009.

Formou-se em Economia pela Universidade de Dar es Salaam no ano de 1975.

É casado com Salma Kikwete, com quem tem oito filhos.

Em 2010, concorreu a um segundo mandato, pelo Partido Revolucionário, CCM - Chama Cha Mapinduzi. Conseguiu se reeleger, obtendo 61,17% dos votos, onde irá governar o país mais cinco anos. O presidente reeleito teve uma ampla vitória contra seus dois principais rivais, o candidato do partido Chadema, Wilbrod Slaa, que conseguiu 26,34%, e o da Frente Cívica Unida , Ibrahim Haruna Lipumba, que obteve 8,06%.

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„That day may come. But I’m not seeing it coming soon. We are still strong enough; we’re still popular; I think we are doing the right things.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete

When asked if the Opposition wins the elections.
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04

„This is our kind of politics-to involve the people in staging protest marches, but not in matters that concern their very lives.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete

On the opposition Civic United Front's demonstrations, 2008-04-15

„Roads are the blood vessels of the economy.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete


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„I don’t know how to get the money but if [the radar] is overpriced, definitely we deserve to be paid … They cannot take money from a poor country.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete

Regarding the purchase of the inflated £28m radar from BAE Systems.
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04

„I’m not sure. I’m not sure if you talk to the opposition, they would consider that to be an insult. They think they are doing a tremendous job.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete

Regarding his Party's dominance as a one-party state.
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04

„I gazed at that small boat and said to myself, mhh, I am a Mkwere without swimming skills. Better for Membe because he has married in Mbamba Bay. He can swim.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete

On his failure to cross Ruvuma River on FRELIMO's 40th anniversary, 2008-07-27

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