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Jacques Monod

Data de nascimento: 9. Fevereiro 1910
Data de falecimento: 31. Maio 1976


Jacques Lucien Monod foi um bioquímico francês.Foi agraciado com o Nobel de Fisiologia ou Medicina de 1965, por descobrir atividades reguladoras no interior das células .

Citações Jacques Monod

„What I consider completely sterile is the attitude, for instance, of Bertalanffy who is going around and jumping around for years saying that all the analytical science and molecular biology doesn’t really get to interesting results; let’s talk in terms of general systems theory... there cannot be anything such as general systems theory, it’s impossible. Or, if it existed, it would be meaningless.“

— Jacques Monod
Monod (1974) "On chance and necessity". In F. J. Ayala & T. Dobzhansky, (Eds.), Studies in the philosophy of biology. cited in: Brian R. Gaines (1979) " General systems research: quo vadis?", General Systems, Vol. 24 (1979), p. 4

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