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Jacques Maritain

Data de nascimento: 18. Novembro 1882
Data de falecimento: 28. Abril 1973


Jacques Maritain foi um filósofo francês de orientação católica . As obras deste filósofo influenciaram o conceito de Democracia cristã.

Escreveu mais de sessenta obras e é um considerado por alguns como um dos pilares da renovação do pensamento tomista no século XX; por outros como inspirador ideológico das democracias cristãs na América Latina. Em 1970 pediu admissão na Fraternidade dos Pequenos Irmãos de Jesus em Toulouse. Foi enterrado com sua esposa Raissa em Kolbsheim.

Citações Jacques Maritain


„It is not enough for a population or a section of the population to have Christian faith and be docile to the ministers of religion in order to be in a position properly to judge political matters. If this population has no political experience, no taste for seeing clearly for itself nor a tradition of initiative and critical judgment, its position with respect to politics grows more complicated, for nothing is easier for political counterfeiters than to exploit good principles for purposes of deception, and nothing is more disastrous than good principles badly applied. And moreover nothing is easier for human weakness than to merge religion with prejudices of race, family or class, collective hatreds, passions of a clan and political phantoms which compensate for the rigors of individual discipline in a pious but insufficiently purified soul. Politics deal with matters and interests of the world and they depend upon passions natural to man and upon reason. But the point I wish to make here is that without goodness, love and charity, all that is best in us—even divine faith, but passions and reason much more so—turns in our hands to an unhappy use. The point is that right political experience cannot develop in people unless passions and reason are oriented by a solid basis of collective virtues, by faith and honor and thirst for justice. The point is that, without the evangelical instinct and the spiritual potential of a living Christianity, political judgment and political experience are ill protected against the illusions of selfishness and fear; without courage, compassion for mankind and the spirit of sacrifice, the ever-thwarted advance toward an historical ideal of generosity and fraternity is not conceivable.“

— Jacques Maritain, Christianity And Democracy