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Howard Stern

Data de nascimento: 12. Janeiro 1954

Howard Allan Stern é um locutor de rádio, humorista, escritor americano e fotógrafo.

Controverso e autoproclamado "The King of All Media ", é conhecido pelo seu humor escatológico, sexual e racial.

Citações Howard Stern

„I still feel like I gotta prove something. … There are a lot of people hoping I fail. But I like that. I need to be hated.“

—  Howard Stern

[Ana Marie, Cox, Howard Stern and the Satellite Wars, 2005-03, Condé Nast Publications,, Wired News, 2007-12-30].

„I'm in a war, a cultural war.“

—  Howard Stern

[David, Carr, Howard Stern, Silenced in Some Cities, Gains Some Others, 2004-07-01, The New York Times Company,, The New York Times, 2007-12-30].

„Don't let the government win.“

—  Howard Stern

Speech on his last syndicated FM broadcast (December 16, 2005).

„I love America. I love our freedom. And nowhere could a guy like me, a schlub like me have success with -- where would I get this freedom of speech? They don't allow this anywhere.“

—  Howard Stern

[Piers, Morgan, Howard Stern almost retired last year, 2011-01-18, CNN,, Piers Morgan Tonight, 2011-01-19]

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