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Herbert Henry Asquith

Data de nascimento: 12. Setembro 1852
Data de falecimento: 15. Fevereiro 1928


Herbert Henry Asquith, 1.º Conde de Oxford e Asquith, KG PC KC FRS foi um primeiro-ministro liberal do Reino Unido entre 1908 e 1916.

Citações Herbert Henry Asquith

„We shall never sheathe the sword, which we have not lightly drawn“

—  H. H. Asquith
Context: We shall never sheathe the sword, which we have not lightly drawn, until Belgium recovers in full measure all, and more than all, that she has sacrificed; until France is adequately secured against the menace of aggression; until the rights of the smaller nationalities of Europe are placed upon an unassailable foundation; and until the military domination of Prussia is wholly and finally destroyed. Speech at Guildhall, 9 November 1914; see

„We had better wait and see.“

—  H. H. Asquith
Phrase used repeatedly in speeches in 1910; see


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