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Henry Wilson

Data de nascimento: 16. Fevereiro 1812
Data de falecimento: 22. Novembro 1875

Jeremiah Jones Colbath , mais conhecido como Henry Wilson, foi um senador de Massachusetts é o décimo oitavo vice-presidente dos Estados Unidos.

Ele era um líder republicano que dedicou sua energia para a destruição do que ele considerou uma escravocracia, a conspiração dos donos de escravos para apreender o controle do governo federal e bloquear o progresso de liberdade.

Citações Henry Wilson

„I would give to all men, of every clime and race, of every faith and creed, freedom and equality“

—  Henry Wilson
Speech (June 1853), Context: A colored battalion was organized for the defense of New Orleans, and General Jackson publicly thanked them for their courage and conduct. When the country has required their blood in days of trial and conflict, they have given it freely, and we have accepted it. But, in times of peace, when their blood is not needed, we spurn and trample them under foot. I have no part in this great wrong to a race. Wherever and whenever we have the power to do it, I would give to all men, of every clime and race, of every faith and creed, freedom and equality before the law. My voice and my voice shall ever be given for the equality of all of the children of men before the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States. As quoted in Colored Patriots of the American Revolution (1855), by William Cooper Nell, p. 107

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