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Henry Thomas Buckle

Data de nascimento: 24. Novembro 1821
Data de falecimento: 29. Maio 1862


Henry Thomas Buckle foi um historiador britânico, autor da História da Civilização na Inglaterra. Autodidata, Buckle está associado ao positivismo historiográfico, tendo exercido grande influência entre intelectuais brasileiros do final do século XIX.

Citações Henry Thomas Buckle

„Our knowledge is composed not of facts, but of the relations which facts and ideas bear to themselves and to each other; and real knowledge consists not in an acquaintance with facts, which only makes a pedant, but in the use of facts, which makes a philosopher.“

— Henry Thomas Buckle
"[ The Influence Of Women On The Progress Of Knowledge]". Lecture given at the Royal Institution 19 March 1858. In: The Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works of Henry Thomas Buckle (1872)